What Fashion Trends Could Israelis Take From Americans?

Rihanna rocks at least three trends mentioned below

Usually I see trends happen in Israel first. After all, it is closer to Euro fashion capitals like Paris and Milan. I remember when girls started wearing leggings as pants in Israel, I was visiting (not yet fully living here) and when I came back to the US, girls were still covering up their tights with immature looking denim miniskirts. They didn’t actually start following that super cool Euro glam trend until a year later when it was already done in places like Italy and Spain.

There are a few trends though, that I’ve been noticing in the States while I’m here on vacation for a week that I haven’t yet seen on the Tel Aviv streets. It could be because it’s way too hot and the weather is making wearing anything more than breezy sundresses unbearable.

Or perhaps, this time, Americans have just done it first!  Here are some trends I’ve seen in America that need to come to Israel ASAP!

Panama Hat

A panama hat is a traditional brimmed hat  of Ecuadorian origin that is made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant. Seems like everyone in NY had one on this year. I saw them in retail hotspots like Forever21 and H&M while other friends told me they bought their straw toppers in flea markets in Manhattan.  They came in beige and they came in white with a black ribbon across the middle.  Not sure why Americans have taken to these interesting fedoras but here’s hoping Israelis will do the same.

Update: I just saw these hats in the Tel Aviv Shuk on Nahalat Binyamin  this past weekend.  They are available and for very cheap! So why don’t fashionistas start wearing them?!

Ankle Socks and Heels

Dar from Afoona Pea

While I’ve seen Israeli fashion bloggers try this trend here and there (Dar from Afoona Pea certainly has an affinity for pretty peep toes with socks, I’ve not really seen it so much on the streets.  There could be a few reasons for this that pretty much relate to each other.  1) Israelis are into easy, effortless looks 2) It’s already so hot and walking in heels are bad enough.  Israelis don’t want to bother with socks, too.  Well, whatever the reason, I think this look is super-cool and its one trend that’s worth trying!

Update: Clothing stores in Israel do sell thin socks (there’s no use in wearing thick ones when it doesn’t get THAT cold around here) so buy a pair and do up the trend yourself–just like Dar.

T-Shirts Over Short, Poofy Bubble Hem Gowns

While taking a look at the cheap buys at Forever 21 on 34th Street (NYC), I noticed that despite being a budget retail brand, the company really had an eye for the latest trends–at least where America is concerned. They also had a nice way of layering their pieces together, something I always have my eye on in stores every time I go shopping.  That’s why I especially loved their rocker chic casual t-shirt over poofy hyper colored mini ball gown look.  It took me back to prom, when girls were suddenly replacing sleek lengthy gowns for short and sharp neon minidresses with bouffant and bubble hemlines.  Throw off your shiny bubble dress with a rocker tee over most of it and look cutting edge effortlessly while everyone else is just “trying” to make a statement.

Update: Cafe Bizarre (150 Ben Yehuda St.) has some of the best patterned, neon, hyper colored ball gowns I’ve seen in Tel Aviv.  Get one from designers like The Hellers and Inbal Gvili. Then grab your favorite rock-and-roll or 80s tv show t-shirt to throw over it…


Paisley Owl Tank from Modcloth

When I asked one of my best American friends, a girl who had worked as a manager in the retail business for almost 10 years and knew her fashion, what the trends were this season,she told me, “I’ve been seeing a lot of owls this summer.” Owls? You heard it right.  Owls have seemed to become a pattern of choice for fashion-savvy people everywhere coming in through necklaces, on bags, and of course, on t-shirts.

Update: This one requires a bit of a searching but you may be able to find an owl print in one of the indie clothing stores on Bograshov or perhaps a vintage owl necklace in Neve Tzedek or a store called Urbanix on Shenkin. Israelis need to forgo the floral overkill this summer and put owls in its place.

Mismatched Prints

Not sure how many Americans are actually working this trend, though it seems to be all over the place where designers and high-end online retailers.  I do see a lot of black and white striped cardigans over polka-dot blouses, which I just don’t get.  But I definitely can appreciate anyone who can make this trend work (and I’ve seen a few people who just can!)

In any case, we all know that Marc Jacobs made it happen with his Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2010 runway show where he played up punchy tribal prints against other patterns. There’s also Shopbop had an entire section its Lookbook devoted to mismatched prints that looked cool together.  Be careful with this one, its a bit risky and doesn’t always work but if you know how to do it, then by all means take the risk.

Regardless, Israelis are known for taking risks in their clothing so I wouldn’t be surprised if this trend pops up soon all over the place.

Update: While mismatching prints is always fun, you can also mix highs and lows and mainsteam with indie by going to a retail designer like HDL Daphna Levinson and mixing it with something you find in the Kikar Dizengoff vintage market.  In any case, indie shopping hotspots like Bograshov, Shenkin, and Gan Hahashmal are great places to shop for mismatched pieces that go together or why not stop by the fashion market at the bottom of Dizengoff Center on Fridays.  The designers are usually on hand to help you out if you’re shopping for a mismatched look, anyway.

It’s Ok To Wear Heels

Carrie Bradshaw does it, so why don't you?

I just made a comment on Twitter about seeing lots and lots of wedges on Israeli women in the workplace.  While I do love the height that wedges give you and I do think they are utterly functional and fashionable, sometimes I do wish that some women swap their comfort for a beautiful pair of high heels.  Women in New York do it all the time and don’t complain while they run errands in their stilettos.  Not sure why they do, when they’re running around all day, too.  Then again, dressing up in corporate clothes for work is just so much more common there.

And yes, while I totally get why Israeli women don’t–well, a girl can dream can’t she?

(On a side note: girls don’t dress up for nights out either.  While you will see heels here, you won’t see them all that often.  Again, Israelis choose flip flops, wedges, or flat boots in winter instead.)

Here’s to more heels in the Holy Land!

Photos: Modcloth.com, Shopbop.com, Creamworldmagazine, Dresslikestarz.com


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