Thirsty For a Change

In the same way that you have an unquenchable thirst for fashion, the land of Israel has an unquenchable thirst for water.  That’s because there just isn’t enough fresh water for drinking and the water we do have is slowly but surely depleting.

Fortunately, Israeli fashion is here to help its environment in the form of one already eco-friendly brand named PopLove Designs, whose pieces became the style dujour at a fashion show aimed to raise awareness for the conservation of water in Israel.

The big event took place on Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 at IDC- Arazi-Ofer Lobby in Herziliya.  The fashion show was led by IDC Sammy Ofer School of Communications student Talya Friedman as her final seminar project and sponsored by Dana International.surroundings and the role we have in creating global change.

Talya Friedman on the right

“People spend countless hours worrying about what to wear and when it comes to
water usage, something that really needs our attention, no one thinks twice about it.  Since fashion is something people care about, its a great platform for promoting change,” Friedman said at the event.

A model practices her runway walk with PopLove's Shai Wallach

We’ve already written about PopLove Designs and their struggles to promote eco-friendly wearable clothing and sustainable fashion.  So it was no surprise that the eco-chic team of Andrea Huges and Shai Wallach were on hand to create a fashion featuring recycled materials from their collection.

They provided a visual representation of the issue, coating an ocean blue line acros the eyes of many of the models and showing off their luscious dresses, face patterned tees and yellow halter tops all made out of detailed,  environmentally friendly fabrics.  The duo deconstructs vintage clothing and blends raw materials that are old and new to create something mod and young. Refreshing.

It works!

Proceeds from the event were donated to Israel Water Treaty, a local organization working to protect residents rights to quality water and provide educational programming on water issues.

To donate or become involved please visit:


To find out more about PopLove Designs, contact

and visit their website

Photos: Idan Nelkenbaum, FashionSnake Blog


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