Fashion and Art +

Fashion is art, right?

Think Lady Gaga’s over-the-top attire, Rihanna’s structured military chic, and any model on the runway who has showcased a particular designer’s clothing regardless of the way it goes completely against her own personal style.

Fashion isn’t only about showcasing your personality (though that’s an important aspect of it.) It’s also about showcasing something creative and visually stimulating to the eye.  As much as you’re wearing your clothes for yourself, what fashionista doesn’t want to get noticed?

Obviously, fashion is not limited to cool clothes, funky jewelry, and the best bags and shoes.  The style of a particular setting can also be fashionably appealing and visually stimulating to the eye in the same way. Otherwise why else people everywhere go out of their way to decorate their home in ultra-glamorous home decor?

Tel Aviv, structured in various white Bauhaus-style building is quite the stimulating city.  But I never thought a hotel in this cosmopolitan could be quite the same.

Call it a boutique hotel.  Call it a cultural art mecca in the middle of the city.   The  Art + Hotel on Ben Yehuda St. is a definite work of modern art.

I wish I could say that I was staying there free of charge for work, but a tourist friend of mine was actually in town with her parents.  And boy did she pick the most fashionable hotel of them all!

When I learned Art + described itself as a hotel marked by art in order to fully display Israel’s best artists and keen design sensibility, I had no idea it really went above and beyond all that.  In my brief time touring the facility, my stay turned into the ultimate style experience.  Just take a look at its colorful layout and modernist appeal.

What do I mean when I say I felt quite fashionable  inside? It means that I felt quite chic and cultured and amongst its plush settings.  The  front lobby reminded me of every modern girl’s dream living room.  The kind where coffee cups come colorful, stoic and large, stick figure paintings hang on the walls and retro-style furniture and  cushions mix with non-traditional statues.  I could definitely picture  a Proenza Schouler lookbook peering out of a bookshelf as the ultimate way to cap off its urban cool presence.

Even more magnificent are the five floors, each coated in white with various artists showcasing their work on the sides.  On the 2nd floor, where my friend was staying, Israeli artist Maya Attoun drew what looked like colorful bamboo stalks along the wall’s edges.  She said it was depicting the never ending cycle of life.  The ability to create a story out of something that otherwise looks like elegant lines on a smooth surface is the ability to portray beautiful fashion and art in its purest form.

Each floor has the work of a different artist.

The rooms, though unfortunately a bit on the small side, are decorated in a modern minimalist sense that is both structured, yet inviting.  Bare white walls boost the design of the rest of the room, mostly which consists of stark, colorful and flat surfaces built against the wall (including a plasma screen tv and a desk, which comes with a blank Art+ sketchbook and bright colored pencils for added affect. )

The writing on the wall (literally!) came in block letters that added to a sculptural artist-meets-comic book ambiance of the room.

The terrace came with wooden tables, but mixed in colorful pieces of furniture like purple chairs and green surfaces (not shown here.)

I truly felt like I was staying in the modernist Manhattan apartment of my dreams!  It was a rich atmosphere and a luxurious afternoon, where I felt stylish even without wearing the proper attire.  Now this calls for an afternoon on the terrace in a fashionable vintage dress and printed flats.

Fashion comes in the form of a sleek, coolly glam and mod art hotel that I truly believe to be one of Tel Aviv’s finest and I recommend it to every fashionista

Photos: Simona Kogan, Art Hotel Tel Aviv, In Israel


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