The Most Stylish Girls in Tel Aviv

Just a quick post because I have been so unbelievably busy lately (and the blog has suffered!)

These are two of the most stylish Israeli girls I know.

Hila Aharon in the off-the-shoulder green floral print is a stylist living in Tel Aviv. Noga Tafara in the white print tee with black vest and layered necklaces (so menswear chic!) is a model that also works in an Indian-inspired clothing store.

Both love fashion and are great at it, without spending too much on their clothes. I definitely need to go shopping with them. I once asked Noga about one of her outfits and she told me that no one piece cost more than 30nis. ($6) Hila and Noga count Zoya, a budget boutique on Allenby St. with cheap pieces that won’t cost more than 30nis.

More on them soon!

By the  way, I fell in love with the patterned shirt I’m wearing when I stopped by Kikar Dizengoff (Dizengoff Square.) They have a daily flea market there  with one side selling lots of vintage and secondhand clothes.  The shirt has padded shoulders, an asymmetrical bottom and cost 30nis!


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