Fashion Talent Found In Haifa

The best fashion in Israel doesn’t always come from Tel Aviv.

Yana Kapeli, a young designer out of northern Israel, has a great new summer collection featuring what she deems, “organic architecture with an ocean view.”

The pieces stem from her desire to create contradicting elements within style.  She mixes geometric shapes with soft lines, layered looks with minimalist prints and fluid continuity with sharp cuts.

While some might argue that putting these two contradicting ideas in the same piece may conjure up a giant mess, Yana proves they can effortlessly come together.

In a world of mismatched prints and menswear femme, this sounds just about right for the spirit and style of the modern woman in the 21st century.

“My interest is to make a wearable, light design for a woman who wants to be different, but still part of her natural environment.” Statement-making conformity.  Sounds good to me.

Yana bases her studio in Haifa where fashion needs a boost every now and then but style potential is on its way.

She was born in Moscow and moved to Israel when she was 10 years old.  The climate changed and so did her perspective on life at a young age.

While her parents worked, Yana watched her grandmother begin making her own clothes and start taking orders for custom-made pieces.

“I love her old school tailoring, the attention to details, and how she worked with her own hands, feeling the fabric to understand which way it would look best,” Yana said, “It wasn’t just a piece of clothing–it had a soul, a special story.”
At 15, Yana caught the fashion bug and began making outfits for herself.  She decided she wanted to become a professional designer.  Obviously, her grandmother’s talent and soul were embedded in her skills.
Yana's "fabric necklaces" (scarves) come in a variety of colors like blue, yellow, orange, and black and white stripes
Yana studied fashion in the Wizo Academy of Design in Haifa and graduated after four years of nonstop artistic collaboration.  As soon as her studies commenced, she began selling her designs to top notch fashion meccas in Tel Aviv.  In her second year, she interned for one of Israel’s most well-known designers Gideon Oberson.When she graduated, she moved on to Dorin Frankfurt, the Israeli fashion designer known for her tailored print dresses and modest but stylish looks.  Her studio, production, and marketing departments are all located in one large space in the heat of Tel Aviv, so it was easy for Yana to learn about all of the different aspects of the fashion design process.
“It was a vibrant environment to work in, and I learned a great deal,” Yana said.  It was this internship that gave her the confidence to start out on her own.
She took the leap and began designing her own line of clothing.

‘s Summer 2010 Collection
easily mixes asymmetrical structure with feminine fluidity in a variety of items that seem to scream both.
While her sailor-inspired White Ocean Dress advocates black piping and geometrical details, it also languishes in soft cotton and the female form (it is a flirty, yet striking dress after all. )

You’ll also want to grab her bold but pretty asymmetrical tunic which combines soft lines with loud colors and a geometric shape on the woman’s body.  Easy to pair with a pretty pastel blue skirt for day or a sharp black leather vest for night.
You’ll love her Trio Tank Top and her slightly ballooning Parachute skirt.
I'm such a huge fan of this Button Tunic on Yana's Etsy site!
Yana‘s Etsy site has even more of an eye catching collection including a bold black and white geometric print mini dress with kimono sleeves, a colorful button print tunic made of light cotton, and bold-print scarves that are just right for the girl who wants to make a colorful statement without going over-the-top.
La Rue
You can find Yana‘s designs at La Rue on 67 Shabazi in the avant-garde Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv.
You can also reach her via her website which has online shopping availability.
Keep your eyes peeled for more from Yana Kapeli. I see big things happening for her!

Yana Kapeli
Phone: +972=52-6808073

Photos: Yana Kapeli Studio

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