Fashion in Jerusalem: Where To Find Maternity Clothes

And now, for something a little different.

Oops! The fashionable Rebecca Markowitz Berenstein jokes around with a friend.

Rebecca Markowitz Berenstein, who I know because we were part of the same Jewish youth group organization (USY) and we went to the same university back in New Jersey, is currently living in Jerusalem and is pregnant!!

So what better for a pregnant social-media-savvy writer to do then to write about her pregnancy experience! How does this connect with the Fashion Israel blog? Well, Rebecca recently wrote an incredible article on where to find maternity clothes in this country.  And while I totally can’t relate, the birthrate in this country is huge and people living here (and coming to visit) should know about the options they have when buying maternity clothes.

You’ll have to read the piece for yourself, but I’d still love to give you a summary and brief run-through of what you can expect!

  • Despite the high birthrate, there aren’t so many options!
  • Maternity clothes are overpriced but can be fun for a splurge.  Rebecca grabbed up some maternity jeans from Israel’s most well-known maternity store Ramilee and she loves them!
  • Israel is a community more than anything else and everyone is family. There’s a reason they call it  השכונה (the neighborhood)! So if you live here, or even if you just have Israeli friends, ask them for their maternity clothes!
  • FOX carries a new mom-to-be line, but don’t have a high selection.  Still, if you miss GAP but don’t want to Gap Israel prices then you should head here!
  • The Tamnoon shop doesn’t have maternity clothes, but Rebecca found some great fashionable pieces that fit her pregnant belly, nonetheless.  And under 70nis!
  • If you want Israeli-style clothes (personally, my favorite) head to the plus-size store Matim Li (ML) which also carries a maternity line.  This could be particularly good if you’re just visiting and want some maternity souvenirs to bring home.

Thanks Rebecca! I know that when I am pregnant I’ll be using this post as reference and I’m sure you’ve helped a lot of women currently in Israel.

To read the rest of Rebecca’s blog post, go here.

Source: The Big Felafel


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