Mismatched Prints vs. Mismatched Textures

I’ve noticed something interesting as of late.  Israelis are bigger trendsetters than I thought.  But more than that, I don’t think many of them realize that they are.  In fact, it seems pretty effortless for them–those acid wash jeans and black and white striped shirts, the flip flops with floral leggings, the tiered sleeveless dresses…

While hunting down some of Israeli fashion’s finest, I hopped upon The Streetswalker blog, a photography heavy site created by Yael Sloma to visually capture the Israeli street style scene.

I found this! (Exactly what I was talking about!)

Mismatched prints is a fashion art form and Tamar on Tel Aviv’s Har Sinai St. does it so well. It fails on so many people, but on her the striped tank and floral trousers work!  It’s as if she hopped out of bed and threw on the first two items she had in her closet.

Not to mention that she has the most captivating smile in all of Tel Aviv (and perhaps all of Israel.) Sloma writes, “When I saw the Tamar, I confessed to her that I do not remember the last time I ran into a smile so captivating. I still cannot remember.”

Oddly enough, the very same day, I happened on ILook, another very well-known Israeli street style blog by photographer fashionista Nimrod Avigal.  Nimrod was just in London for the past year and had been showcasing his talent for scoping out “out-of-the-box” street fashion there.  But now he’s back and so is his amazing and innovative take on the world of fashion according to Israelis who don’t even realize they are being fashionable.

Nimrod found 23-year old Lior on Shenkin St in Tel Aviv.  She was wearing a sheer lace top over a floral skirt.  What I noticed about this picture was the pairing of two different textures from two different points of view.  There’s the romantic, frilly lace and then there’s the summery casual floral print skirt.  Combined with the mustard print yellow oxfords, this look is sort of all over the place but I’m sure that’s exactly what Lior was going for–without knowing she was tapping into a budding trend.

Two Israeli fashionistas, two atypical trends–from two of the most popular  street fashion blogs in the country. Marvelous!

Photos: I Look, The Streetswalker


One thought on “Mismatched Prints vs. Mismatched Textures

  1. roz

    rachel zoe put it well when she explained the new fashion do is not matching-prints and textures, the more unpredictable the better!
    Israelis are so good at this because they are not afraid. They wear what they like and dont worry about going against any “rules” like americans are!

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