How NOT To Be A Fashion Victim in Israel

As much as I personally love a lot of the fashion in Israel and think it has sooooo much potential…there are so many things that Israelis gripe about when it comes to their society’s personal style.

So here I am to gripe about it too!

Israelis are also prone to lots of fashion faux-pas! I’ve already blogged about bad celebrity fashion in Israel but the general Israeli public can be just as bad. Here’s what not to do if you REALLY want to make a statement in Israel.

Please don’t wear black and white stripes with brown boots!

You’re a thin girl, must your clothes be so tight that I can see back fat?

Why does your t-shirt look like it’s falling off?

It is never ok to wear floral short shorts.

Why does everyone have to see your gawdy gold chain?

Does your thong have to stick out of your low-rise jeans every time?

Butt crack is the new cleavage?

We like the risk-taking but who said lace under a white transparent top was cool?

If you’re religious and that other girl is not, then why is your mermaid skirt tighter then her hip hugging jeans?

Photos: Target, Chictopia,,, Boutique to You, Yahoo Beauty


4 thoughts on “How NOT To Be A Fashion Victim in Israel

  1. roz

    awsome rant simona! 100% on everything!
    How about statement Tees that say “I’m too sexy”
    or arsi t shirts that have silver dragons on them, or the men’s button down dress shirts with stamp looking designs on back and shoulders? Its so tacky!

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