Homage To The The Israeli Summer Dress

As summer is winding down and the temps are slowly dropping (too slowly) you will notice in Tel Aviv that all the shops are starting to put up their fall displays.  While it’s normal for fall collections to come out well in advance, this occurrence always bothered me in Israel when I would start seeing layered knit sweaters and it was still almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Is it cool yet?

Although I’m a fan of autumn trench coats, overlay, and winterish fabrics, I’d like to remember what I love so much about the Israeli summer (besides walking carefree through the streets at 11pm, hitting up the beach just 10 minutes away, and sharing wine or coffee with friends under a shaded umbrella outdoors.) My favorite part of summer? The Israeli summer dress!

Anna K

While of course there are various types of dress cuts, designs, and textures, I chose this type of dress to be THE quintessential Israeli summer dress of 2010. While you can wear this dress in any pattern or fabric, I chose a bold neutral color to display so you can see what I mean when I describe the dress. The dress is sleeveless but has slightly thicker sleeves than the typical spaghetti straps so it can be flattering for women of all shapes and sizes.  The collar is a low V-neck or sometime scoop neck and the hemline at the waist, if there is a pronounced one, is a natural waistline that breaks the figure in half or extends gracefully at the bottom.

Anna K
Ido Recanati
Karin A
Rhus Ovata
Inbal Gvili

It usually hits just above the knee though it can sometimes go longer.  I’ve seen lots of different kinds of women wearing this type of dress in Tel Aviv and it’s quite flattering to all no matter what your size.  It’s easy to throw on and walk out there, yet still gives the appeal of ethereal, effortless, stylish chic.

A few other details can enhance the look. Some have pockets or tie at the waist like Anna K, some have a higher collar and bolder fabric for evening like Ido Recanati, others have louder summery patterns, flutter sleeves, or button details like Alef Alef and Naama Bezalel.  Others wrap at the bust or can be cinched at the waist.

Naama Bezalel
Anna K
Rhus Ovata
Yoav Meir

While of course I don’t limit this to being the only dress of summer–I do see quite the number of  elastic waistlines one-size draped dresses with slightly enlarged sleeves a la Inbal Raviv and shorter spaghetti strap cocktail frocks a la Anya Fleet , I do believe the dress I mentioned above is the epitome of casual Israeli summer chic.

Photos: Boutique Amalia, Karin A, Inbal Gvili, Rhus Ovata, Naama Bezalel, Lookbook.nu, Guy Hecht


3 thoughts on “Homage To The The Israeli Summer Dress

  1. maya

    nice. i really wish there was a way to buy naama bezalel dresses online. i love her silhouettes. i am dying for some classic summer dresses in pretty prints but alas, i will have to wait till next time i am in israel.

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