Four Israeli Dress Designers You Need To Know

While in my last post, I paid tribute to the trendiest Israeli summer dress in Tel Aviv, I wanted my readers to grab a peek at five fab designers and why you need to know them if you’re going to shop for a frock in Israel.

Anna K

I must start with Anna K because I featured her dress first as the embodiment of what I consider to be the perfect Israeli dress this summer. Anna K was born in 1985, studied art and film, traveled and worked as a stylist for a while. She began designing in 2003. While she’s known for her “sack pants”, which have become a hit in Israel and abroad and have become an inspiration to many a designer, I still believe she really knows how to cater to a woman’s form more so than a man’s.

Her dresses sometimes have a V-neck that’s not overdone and full sleeves though it’s still sleeveless and a tapered waist at the natural waistline that can be flattering on any figure because it’s not too tight and not ballooning either. Some have spaghetti straps. The designer also always adds a special touch whether it’s buttons, cool pockets, or a print that pops!  They a basic with a hint of something fabulous

She’s opened up her own shop on 75 Frishman for the rock-and-roll style chick and hasn’t looked back since!

Anna K
75 Frishman St.
Dizengoff Center, 2nd floor, Building B
972 3 5291244,
Tel Aviv, IL

Ido Recanati

There’s something super cool about Ido Recanati and it has to do with the mature urban chic that comes with his clothing.  Often using graphic patterns, pictures, and color blocking in bold tones likes navy blue, gray, black, and white, his designs have a sort of downtown spin that is both exceptionally modern and brilliantly stealth at the same time.

His dresses, like his asymmetrical, architecturally draped sleeveless tanks, do not disappoint.  The Eye Dresses from his summer collection come with a well-placed high-cut above the bust for just a hint of stylishly sexy.  They are elegant but also up the cool factor with statement-making prints or colorblocking in his viskoza and silk fabrics.

The Bow dress has a similar racerback tank top area with a well placed asymmetrical drape in the middle and his cotton and lycra  Eye Pocket dress is just a wee-bit more conservative but create a put together look with pockets at the waist.  Choose from a crinkled black dress in a looser fit or a gray piece with a subtle print.  All are droolworthy!

Ido Recanati,
13 Malchei Yisrael, Tel Aviv, IL

Rhus Ovata

The duo that make up Rhus Ovata have a flirty, ultra-femme air with a hint of frothy European glam in their luscious fabrics and designs.  The line was founded in 2004 by Einat and Hadas Zucker is elegant and refined, but also catering to the spirit of playful summer .  Bold and fiery shades peek through in  red showing just a hint of daring but continue its ethereal presence in softly sculpted satin and silk.

Their sleeveless dresses come in a silk and nylon blend and are worn by wild models who look like they are trying to control themselves with the clothes.  Shades of gray prevail along with  a stark royal blue, a frilly white print, and a stunning multicolored cosmopolitan dress.

Rhus Ovata,
155 Dizengoff St.
48 Osishkin, Tel Aviv, IL

Keren ve Michal

Michal Nir and Keren Or are two designers who have created a dynamic collection by working separately.  Say what? Simply put, as their  website states, “their homogenic collections are designed separately by two designers who work together at the studio and store.”  This brings heaps of versatility to their line and a complete mix up of both sculpted patterns and feminine lines.  The result is a mix of urban edgy and tailored, but floaty femme.  Sharp jackets mix with classic pants in colors like cream and blue but also black and gray. Perfect for the modern woman who’s just a little bit of everything.

Dresses are unique in that they are either loosely draped or non form fitting  in a sort of romantic, easy style.  Many of the backs, when not more intricate, hang down and fabrics are comfortable, functional, but stylish.  Still, they have their exceptions.  Check out the stone gray paint splattered tunic turned dress shown above! It deviates from the frothy norm just in time for the fall/winter season.

6 Levontin St.,Tel Aviv, IL

Photos: KerenveMichal, Fashion!! Walla, Boutique Amalia, Giveret Kaufman


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