Jerusalem Post Article and Daily Outfit Post #8

Finally, a daily outfit post! It’s been so long since I’ve posted one because I just haven’t had time or energy to take pictures.  And of course, there are always those days where you feel like dressing like crap and don’t want to take pictures of yourself no matter how good you look.

In any case, I would love to show you all how well my hair is growing out…but first, wanted to do a little self-promotion and hype you up about my recent interview with The Jerusalem Post about being a new immigrant in Israel and trying to make something of a fashion writing career.

By recent, I mean recently published.  Because most of the information in the article is pretty old and it’s odd to read it and see how much my life has changed in just six months.  Not only is my hair cut completely differently, but I’ve moved apartments (Shmuel HaNagid to Dizengoff), changed jobs, know tons more fashion people and events in the country, and thanks to you guys, the blog is really starting to take off.

But it’s still a nice article to read if you want to know a little bit more about me (why my parents can relate to my experience here even though they’ll probably never immigrate to Israel), why I moved to Israel, what my ambitions are as a budding fashion writer, and why I believe writing about fashion in Israel is so important.

So take a quick look.  And while you’re at it, check out my oufit, which is a royal blue H&M turtleneck topped with a print Forever 21 jumper, stone gray tights and silver boots I bought on Tchernokovsky St. at Shoe Shoe boutique! Unfortunately, only the shoes are Israeli (meaning I bought them here, they’re actually from a UK label) and I sort of regret not wearing more Israeli labels in the photo.  I wear a lot more Israeli designers now and not just because I’ve been here longer.

Read the full article here!

And now…take a look at how much I’ve changed!

White Tank With Neon Writing: Renaur

White Piped Black Jacket: Vintage (Kikar Dizengoff)

Acid-Wash Shorts: American Apparel

Leggings: Delta

Mary-Janes: Payless

Butterfly Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Bracelet: Can’t remember, but I do remember falling in love with it in a magazine so much so that I had to buy it that day! This was years ago!

Here’s what this outfit says about me:

I’m a big fan of menswear femme and I love sharp shouldered blazers, black and white piping, crisp button downs, pencil skirts,  high neck collars, exaggerated cap sleeves and secretary blouses.  Unfortunately, with a combination of the warm weather, and the fact that Israelis don’t get REALLY dressed up all that often, it’s very hard to pull off in this country as much as I want to.  Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure Israelis love menswearish clothes here too as I often see girls in clubs and on the street pulling off bold shoulders, ruffled collars, blazers over neon, black vests, and pinstripes.  The difference is that they don’t dress it up quite as much.  This is why I tried not to dress up my look quite so much either.

I thought about pairing it with leggings only which I’ve often seen many an Israeli do, but then decided to throw on my high-waist acid-wash short from American Apparel for an added, almost dumbed-down effect.  The dressier blazer was paired with an easier tee that wasn’t so dressy, but still had quiet neon pop that I love.  It seemed to fit just right under the jacket.  Finally, instead of going for crazy shoes, I decided to make myself comfortable by simply adding cool Mary-Janes with a functional heel.  Voila–menswear femme for the tepid fall months a la Israel!

For your enjoyment, a few more photos! (Sorry about the grainy quality, but I had to take the pictures on my own …)


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