Angel’s All Black Preview At Shoe Shoe

Expert vintage blogger Angel Cutsforth had the opportunity to check out the All Black August/Winter 2010 shoe preview at the Shoe Shoe boutique on Tchernikovsky St. in Tel Aviv a day earlier than the official launch date for being a special customer.

While they weren’t All Black, Angel did wear shoes from Shoe Shoe to the event. They were Shelly’s Mary Jane T-straps with a bow.

She described the All Black collection as a throwback to the 1920s.   Vintage-inspired oxford flats, brogues and taps were given a modern twist with simple details like sequins, buckles  and textured scales.

She especially loved the Mary Jane details with the buckle in the middle of the strap.

Read Angel’s shoe review here at Second City Style

Shoes from the UK are popular items in Tel Aviv and are prominent in many a store location include Shoe Shoe.  You’ll also find Melissa shoes by Vivienne Westwood, Shelly’s, Irregular Choice, and Miss L Fire in many a Dizengoff boutique and also in shoe store Precious on Frishman and stores on Shenkin St.

These shoe, while vintage chic and gorgeously designed, fit perfectly into the Israeli landscape because they go along with that idea I’ve mentioned in past blogs where Israelis tend to wear square heeled shoes to remain comfortable and deal with the unpaved roads.

For all the best on Israeli vintage and UK fashion goodness, check out Angel’s blog Modern Vintage Girl!

Photos: Angel Cutsforth


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