Mirit Weinstock Fall/Winter Collection 2010

I’ve written much about Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock countless times in the past, because I really believe she’s going places!

Nothing could compare to connecting her with my friend Lauren Dimet Waters at Second City Style or seeing  her Spring Collection earlier this year in her very own studio–but viewing her Fall/Winter Collection at Razili this past Wednesday was truly something else.

Perhaps it was because we were surrounded by designer pieces from Mirit and others–a tweed-ish black jacket by Inbal Gvili, a checkered dress by Vivienne Westwood, and a bright colored top by Stella McCartney, to name a few.

Or perhaps it was because we were in Razili, a high-end Israeli clothing  and accessories store headed by the Razili family, which caters to international labels but also has a plethora of top choice Israeli designers including Shani Bar and Anna K. A member of the family, dressed in one of Mirit’s tops, gave a warm, welcoming introduction to the burgeoning designer.

Or it could have been something about the environment–the historical Mitcham HaTachana train station in Neve Tzedek converted into a shopping center for designer items.

Whatever, the case, vintage blogger Angel Cutsforth and I had a a ball.  We were surrounded by a small group of well-styled ladies who sipped sparkling water and bit into colorful macaroons as they enjoyed Mirit’s presentation modeled by two outstanding long-legged female models.

As Angel wrote in her blog, I have been raving about Mirit and how she translates vintage glamour into her modern collections.  But it’s more than that.  She’s also known for her stunning back detail and her simple, yet striking creations made of organza, silk, chiffon, satin, and in this collection, velvet.

Mirit says she wants to create a dialogue between the front and the back with every piece and that’s why the shape of the garment, the position of the fabric as well as both sides of the piece, are so important to her. Everything is handmade and created with care.  The pieces also pay homage to her latest inspirations.  In the past it was French romance with her line Reine and earlier this year, her quilted flower necklaces drew from African culture.

While she’s played up vintage eras like the twenties and the forties in the past, she really outdid herself this time using a mesh of pleats, ruching, draping, fringe, sequins, and bold bright colors to create vintage looks with  a modern twist. Though she told the audience she mainly focused on the glamour of the 20s and the colorful hippies of the 60s, we also noticed her innovative take on the structured ladylike classics of the 40s and the hip hint of flash from the 80s.  With Mirit’s signature shapes and fabrics, of course.


This jersey draped dress is actually a much deeper coral in person, but the lighting is off. While the color doesn’t make it 1920s, the pleats certainly do, as well as its flapper character–kicked up a notch with the cool asymmetrical neckline at the collar.


While Mirit had a couple of peplum skirts, which Angel said were the to-do of the 1940s, I do believe this dress is the best example of a 40s inspiration.  Sharp, shoulders, a fitted waistline and a classic length gives it character, as does the asymmetrical neckline which is an aspect of the dress that brings it along to present day.


The colorful handmade silk pompoms on this organza tunic dress is Mirit’s interpretation of the Hippie era.  She also included a gray jersey top with those same handmade pompoms.  Clever, modern, and totally wearable!


When Angel saw this silk chiffon top with colorful satin pleated shoulders, she said, “Wow, this is totally 80s!” And yet, it’s still a dressier feminine  take on the classic boy’s baseball tee. The shoulder also comes in colors like neon yellow and a shiny blue.

While Mirit never suggested that she was going after that  particular decade, you could see it in many of her more flashier pieces that included sequins and intricate ruching.

My favorite pieces from the collection:

A pleated organza dress with black shoulders…

…becomes totally vibrant with triangular sequined back detail!!

I love the mixup combination of a flashy sequined shirt in darker blue with the bright and ruched geometrically patterned skirt.  (Note: there’s also a smidge of neon yellow on the back)

Add a headband with shuttlecock from one of Mirit’s infamous badminton necklaces and you’ve got a great look.

Not a huge fan of olive green or velvet, but here it’s stunning! Mirit wins me over!

A cropped and bow-tied silk organza top comes to life with this three-layered skirt complete with black velvet at the top, glittery blue sequins in the middle, and organza at the bottom.  Sweet and party girl playful at the same time.

Mirit’s ruched and organza peplum skirt is utterly divine, but it’s the white ruched dress with the carefully placed black strap on the right that’s my pick for best in show!

For more of Mirit’s new styles (and where to buy them!), visit her website here.

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