Six Fashion Questions with…Yaara Keydar

Want to know everything about fashion? Just ask Yaara Keydar, who seems to do it all when it comes to styling, designing, and writing about the craft.

Yaara Keydar

Graduating from Israel’s lead fashion design and textile school, she spent three years designing for Israel’s lead retail fashion brand Castro. She was also a commercial post production producer and a creative assistant.

Yaara currently creates clothes for her own label, including beautiful embroidered and lace wedding and party dresses which are modeled by friends and fans on her website.

Designed by Yaara Keydar

She’s a blogger, keeping up with the latest trends in the industry and showcasing them on her personal blog Nekudot. She’s the editor of Design Fashion, the fashion magazine for Haaretz newspaper.

And when she finds a spare moment, she somehow has time  to lend her expertise as a fashion freelancer who is constantly asked for her expertise as a stylist, content writer, and editor for a plethora of fashion store, designers, and fashion networks in Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

How does she do it all? And what does she think of the fashion industry?  I had the chance to find out when I interviewed her as the next style-savvy fashionista to be featured on Fashion Israel.

I just thought you were a designer, but apparently you do all sorts of fashion jobs. Tell me about all the different things you do and have done in the past.

Before studying at Shenkar (School of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan,) I was a project manager in an interactive company. Working there gave me many skills such as producing, managing budgets, and creating large scale web projects.

Today I’m working as a content consultant for fashion brands, and editing the magazine Designer Fashion for Haaretz newspaper.

I am also a fashion designer of course,   You can see my work on my website.

Recently, I designed shoes recently for a charity auction at the Shoofuni shoe market. The profits will be donated to the Rape Crisis Center.

How would you define your own style?

My style, like my sign (Gemini), is very hands on.  I love the classic look, refined colors and materials, and on the other side, I love very trashy things such as gold, leopard prints, fuchsia and more 🙂

Yaara Keydar

What do you love about fashion?

What I love about fashion is its connection to culture and art. I love the way these mix together and inspire one another.

What do you think about Israeli fashion?

I love Israeli fashion for its talented designers, but Israel has a problem in its fashion industry, or lack of. There aren’t many professional craftsmen skilled in sewing, cutting, ironing and other handiwork, such as embroidery and knitting.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem like a new generation of craftsmen is evolving.

Wedding Dress Designed by Yaara Keydar

According to you, what are the trends in Tel Aviv right now?

The current Tel Aviv trend as I see it is oxford shoes and ponytails.

Who are your style influences?

My style influences come from everywhere and everything.  I am influenced by everything from magazines, blogs, and fashion shows to my 5-year old niece.

Photos: Yaara Keydar: Flickr, Chicismo, Yaara Keydar


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