Trinny and Susannah Do Israel

No, this is not the a post about the latest porno. It’s actually about what not to wear.  Well, sort of.  I know you’re thinking this is going to be a post about the types of clothing Israeli shouldn’t wear (and unfortunately do) but it’s not. Not yet, anyway.  I’m still waiting for two lovely ladies to arrive to tell us exactly what we shouldn’t wear.

I heard this about a month ago from a friend that works at the British Embassy, then heard it from other friends, then saw it on the news last night–and so I had to post it here! It’s not everyday you hear about Israel being connected with world fashion (ok, so H&M happened but that is old news now.

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine may have had success in Great Britain with fashion advice books, an underwear brand, and hit tv shows like What Not To Wear on the BBC, but now they are relaying all of their fashion know-how to Israelis who need a little help switching out their not-so-winning wardrobe.

The two fashion gurus are touring Israel for a new tv show to find the worst dressed among Israeli folk.  Their new show will give Israeli participants the chance to update their look with the help of Trinny and Susannah‘s style advice.  The show will be broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10 in English.

“Trinny and Susannah are really popular in Israel,” a rep for Channel 10 said, “All the fashion journalists for the Israeli magazines are going mad with excitement to see them.  We’ll have to wait and see what Trinny and Susannah say about Israeli fashion and style.  It’s going to be a very interesting encounter.”

Well, they won’t have to wait much longer.  Trinny and Susannah being taping this month.

Why do I think this show will work in Israel?

Well, for one, the two style divas are know for their direct approach and brutal honesty.  This is something Brits may not be used, but Israeli most certainly are.

The duo is also known for bold transformation of young and old.  They’ve had tv shows in America and England, both of which have been big hits in this country.

While the show is English, Trinny and Susannah won’t leave without learning some crucial Hebrew phrases.  Is בואי אלי מאמי (“Come over to me, sweetie”) on the list?

Unfortunately,the pair have not exactly had much acclaim in the United Kingdom.  Their most recent tv serial, Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation, was dropped by ITV.  Hopefully, they’ll have much better luck here, after all, they are well known.  And the guy who brought Survivor and Beauty and the Geek to Israel is the one producing the program.

Still, they are doing a spoof documentary online about finding fame again.  The show is called What Trinny and Susannah Did Next and it has been picked up.

The women are currently promoting a spoof documentary series online about finding fame again, What Trinny and Susannah Did Next, which has now been picked up by Channel Four in the UK.

Here’s what I’m hoping the stylish pair will tell Israelis.

  • You’re skinny, so stop outlining the back fat with too-tight shirts
  • Leggings DON’T go with everything.
  • Brown does not go with black and black does not go underneath white lace.
  • It’s ok to wear knee-length skirts and not be religious.
  • Going out doesn’t mean throwing on flip flops with a sexy dress.
  • “Hot” doesn’t have to mean overabundance of cleavage

Which begs the question–will they be using Israeli designers or UK designers to dress up their candidates?

Perhaps they will use the plethora of UK fashion found in Israel (a number of stores like Vered S and Shoe Shoe import from the Brits.)

You’ll have to wait and see.

Source: The Jewish Chronicle Online

Photos: Project Barcode, Guardian UK, Zimbio

7 thoughts on “Trinny and Susannah Do Israel

  1. Jennifer Gompes

    I would love to be one of Trinny & Susannah’s “projects” – how do I go about getting on to their show? A friend of mine has already had her 2nd interview, but only told me about it yesterday. Any tips, hints or contact details to get a late application in, would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, and good luck to to the Divas in Israel. I think they are great!

  2. savanna

    I grew up in England, and have been in Israel for the past 3 years. Just finished watching the show…hilarious to see the extreme culture clash…

  3. Sarah

    No, black and white do NOT go with everything. Elohim! Anyway, does someone know when the next episode will be? I didn’t see one on Thursday.

  4. miriam

    how fantastic to see my fav show shown in Israel I would love to put my husband forward as a candidate how to I go about doing this anybody know

  5. Elizabeth

    My husband is in need of a new wardrobe but doesn’t know where to begin! He doesn’t trust my taste for him and stresses that there are only two people in the world who can help him..that being Trinny and Susannah. How I would just love to throw him into their hands and see what they can do for him because he’s as stubborn as all hell and lacks the logic and desire and stamina to actually get up and get going with the shopping! What does it even take to bring this to their attention???! 🙂 A despondent wife! 🙂

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