Sense of Fashion Pop-Up Shop in NYC

Sense of Fashion, a breakthrough online fashion and shopping marketplace showcasing indie labels, emerging designers, photographers, models, bloggers, and selling designer items, has revamped their website and gone on to bigger and better things in New York and the world.  Social media guru Jeff Pulver has called it a trendsetter in the world of indie fashion and online e-commerce combining both a social experience and a selling platform.

And it was started right here in Tel Aviv! Daria Shualy, the creative director and founder of the site, is a former indie designer but also has extensive experience in fashion publications as Editor in Chief of Alma, a women’s fashion magazine for Yediot Israel and head of the news department for Walla, Israel’s leading web portal, among other things. She started the site alongside Yael Givon, vice president of product marketing and CEO Ori Levy, who was once CEO of Trendum which was acquired by Nielsen in 2007.

They’ve also added to their team with a mixture of Israelis and Americans working together to create a worthwhile social and new media setting.

While their mission is  to promote emerging and indie designers all over the world as well as give them a space to express themselves and sell their pieces, Daria’s extensive involvement in the Israeli fashion community has, in my opinion, helped Sense of Fashion become an exceptional site for promoting Israeli designers, models, photographers, and other fashionistas.

Such is the case with their latest event, a carefully curated live shopping experience which will showcase rising designers from all over the world.  Daria has combined with We The People, a fashion Collective in New York City established to help talented designers gain exposure by providing them a space to showcase their line.

The pop-up cocktail reception took place last night from 6 to 9pm at the We The People store at 156 Stanton St. NY, NY 10002.  The event will continue through November 14 from 12pm to 8pm each day.

“We saw this event as a natural evolution of both Sense of Fashion as a creative community and We The People as a designer collective.  We wanted to bring the global emerging designers of Sense of Fashion to brick and mortar while also bring New York fashion experience onto Sense of Fashion,” Daria said.

Among the highly cultivated line, which includes six top notch emerging designers, are three designers who got their start in Israel.  While I wouldn’t classify all of their clothing as “Israeli fashion,” I do believe they’ve been influenced by where they came from and that this is a long step in the right direction for the much-needed promotion of talented Israeli designers.

The featured designers from Israel are Darios, Liat Ginzburg, and Inbal Gvili.  The other designers include AMYCLAIRE and Dominic Louis from the United States and MicaMade from Germany.

Here’s a short highlight on each of the three Israeli designers:


Darios is a high-end fashion jewelry label started by Itai Mintz.  Itai has a sophisticated approach to jewelry and accessories, which combines a sculpted look with contemporary beauty.  Itai’s design is based on the transformation of 3D forms into 2D forms, using transparent and opaque materials with many pieces taking on a sort of “tribal” look with modern appeal.  I’m not quite sure how he does it, but his ritualistic-turned-futuristic look is impressive. Collections include the highly geometric Black Jukebox, the tribal-inspired Autogamy, and the colorful shapes of the Delicate Mechanism collection.

Mintz, in his mid-twentiest,  was born in Tel Aviv and studied visual communication design and 3D modeling.  He named his label after his Greek great-grandfather.  Daria first highlighted Darios in one of her first Sense of Fashion blog posts, where she mentioned scooping out new talent at Tel Aviv’s annual T: Market event.

Liat Ginzburg

When Daria first caught sight of Liat Ginzburg’s statement-making, daring, and colorful jewelry designs, she knew to expect big things from the jewelry designer.  When she was in New York, she spoke of people stopping her on the street and asking her about a necklace she was wearing–created by Liat Ginzburg.  Liat’s influences for her collections range from Tel Aviv’s wild nightlife in the 90s to her art teaching career, art photography, and poetry.  The story is that Liat designed her first necklace 15 years ago at a friend’s request.  But it was only 6 years ago that she decided to focus solely on jewelry design.

Her first collection, a Drama Line, was launched at the end of 2007 and immediately caught the attention of stylists, fashion journalists and local celebs who described her as the most promising jewelry and accessories designer in Israel.  Her wild and wacky necklaces, which contain everything from geometric shapes to flowers to fuchsia whales has got everyone talking.  Her jewelry also has vintage components and reminds me of the 80s new wave era when big plastic color was in!

Inbal Gvili

Inbal Gvili may not be your everyday girly girl (last time I saw her, she had shaved part of her hair in a cool do and wore pinstripe trousers and black and white oxford flats) but her collection certainly shows off the colorful pop elements that make party girls want to flaunt her feminine designs.  Neon, satin-like fabrics and floral prints and beading are abundant, but the flawless technique in the draping and the shapes are what makes her stand out from the rest.  They certainly make the average girl feel like a party princess.  Her latest collection has a bit of lace and a lot of drapey whites that create a super style buzz.

Inbal was born in Eilat in 1979 and graduated from the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design in 2004 (Alber Elbaz also went there.) She’s worked with several UK fashion houses including Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and it shows in the magnificent way she uses her technique to create trendy but wearable dresses and cardis.

You still have one more day to visit the Sense of Fashion Pop-Up Shop.

Get to it!

Sense of Fashion Pop Up Shop
We The People Store

156 Stanton St., NY, NY 10002
12pm to 8pm

Update: The sale has been so successful, it was extended until Friday, November 19! So now you have even more time to get a taste of some the best blossoming indie designers! Hop to it!

Photos: Sense of Fashion, Sense of Fashion: Facebook, Style Aviv, Qlix

Source: Sense of Fashion Blog


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