Dizzy-Frishman Fashion Sale

The perks of Tel Aviv! You can attend a fashion sale across the street from your apartment! On November 12, I went to the Dizzy-Frishman fashion sale at the Dizzy bar located at 121 Dizengoff St, across the street from my building.

Yes, here’s another Tel Aviv fashion perk…designers sometimes have sales in their apartments and in the local bar, if they can plan it right.

A third perk…a slew of indie designers and labels like Yoav Meir, Hila M, Elia Valentine, La Bouche, and Ayelet Tamari were in attendance, selling their wares in one place. A fourth perk! I hear this designers sale is going on every weekend. Or at least this weekend, too.  And not all the designers will be the same.

It was a great sale with great people in a great location. I wish I took pictures but I didn’t have my camera with me (thanks roomie who asked to borrow it when she went up north for a romantic weekend with her boyfriend!)

Instead, I’ll describe the designers and give you some highlights. Don’t worry, I’ll make it short and sweet.

Elia Vatine

Elia Vatine, like many of the other well known Israeli fashion designers, graduated from Shenkar School of Engineering and Design, but from there she went on to become an assistant designer to the prominent French fashion label Chloe.  The French romance of Chloe was the basis of her own line, which she finally established after showing her collections in designer markets and working for other brands.

Her first collection is a fusion of urbanity and romance, the representations of the two cities she loves: Tel Aviv and Paris. At the sale, I saw mainly cocktail dresses, in the bold street colors with asymmetric fabric ruffles on the back or intricate sleeve cutouts.

Yoav Meir

Anyone who’s read this blog before knows what a big fan I am of Yoav Meir, the sixth contestant on Israel’s Project Runway and the host of the Israeli E! channel’s Ofna Urbanit (Urban Fashion.) He’s also doing weekly fashion segments on the Channel 10 morning show.  But besides his bold personality accentuated in his fashion choices and his stylist experience, Yoav  is dabbling in his own line which he would do more if only he didn’t focus so much on other projects.

At the sale, Yoav dressed in a checkered shirt from Allenby St (just 30nis he told me) and a sparkly red mini bow tie from Berlin, sold off the last of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection which included shapely pieces for women that were sexy and stylish without revealing too much cleavage.  Yoav certainly knows how to cater to a woman’s figure while keeping the style intact.  I bough his signature white shirt with a colored bustier outline and a cute floral print dress intricately cut out in a U shape at the chest which I will be showcasing in my next post.


It’s though to make money when you’re just starting out as a designer.  Something fashionistas in Tel Aviv love to do first is to import clothes from all over the world including Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, England, France, Italy.  It’s sort of a cross between designing and styling because while they don’t actually design the clothes, they do have to pick them out based on what they think look best and what the public wants.  Labels like Vered S and Rock or Die are such brands and so are the following two labels that made an appearance at the Dizzy-Frishman fair.

Happy Hour

Though I didn’t see too much of this brand, I notice from their Facebook photos and what I saw that they have a very romantic, UK vibe.  Lots of pastel pinks and white, lace, romantic, draping, loose baggy shirts tucked into skirts and cotton  jersey dresses.   A few stark black cocktail dresses mixed in.  Sort of cross between Asos and Mirit Weinstock.

La Bouche

I’m rooting for La Bouche because part of it includes a fashion friend of mine.  Although what would really make me happy is if this fashion friend started designing on her own.  Tali Askari was once at Vered S, where she co-managed the British import shop with her best friend Vered.  And while, like Vered, Tali collects her own British clothing pieces (ranging from pleated dresses to light boucle jackets) she amped to soon start a label of her own.  But until that happens she’s helping sell off La Bouche. The prices are a little tricky, but the romantic UK pieces (similar to Happy Hour) are divine.

Ayelet Tamari

Ayelet Tamari’s jewelry stands out because of its gold-coated chains mixed with pretty charms (hearts, flowers, and gemstone) on the end.  Ayelet creates bracelets, chains, and pleasant necklaces that have a touch of sophistication mixed with a touch of sweetness. They are also quite affordable and can spruce up even the most urban outfit (a leather jacket, a sharp blazer, or a sharp tee) with a bit of classy sass.


In a deviation from my normal stuff, my friend convinced me to model one of the dresses I bought near an apartment building on Frishman.  The dress is from Tali’s La Bouche line, the stockings are Anya Fleet, and the necklace is from the limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection for Castro from a past season. The earrings are from a booth on Dizengoff St near the Dizzy bar. Oh and the sharp shoulder pinstripe jacket is Golf. It came with matching Capri pants. I wish I had more places to wear it in Tel Aviv, but it’s too warm around here.

The shoes and bag are the only American items–the shoes are Forever 21 and the bag is vintage 80s– it was my mom’s bag that I stole from her!

Photos: Elia Vatine, Guy Hecht for Yoav Meir, Happy Hour, Avital Tali Askari for La Bouche, Ayelet Tamari, Aviv Benedix


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