The Leather Jacket/Lace Dress Combination

Amidst the sudden strong winds, downpours, and approaching of winter, there’s a trend hitting the less casual bars and dance pubs of Tel Aviv.

Girls are strutting their stuff in lace or embroidered dresses under leather bomber jackets.  These dresses are sometimes replaced by ruffled mini skirts or other types of cropped jackets.  They are often paired with opaque or sheer stockings and thick boots or ankle boot wedges.

Besides the de riguer black and white, other colors include darker winter tones like gray, olive, brown, and sometimes navy blue.  Often pink and purple will be thrown into the mix.

I’ve always loved this look for its stark contrast of tough meets sweet.

I was in a bar last night where I saw this trend in all its glory on many different girls.  Good or bad, I still loved the tough bomber jacket over the more delicate underlaying fitted over tights and booties.  It was more dressy than I was used to in Tel Aviv but still the style remained European chic with an urban flair in an effortless way.

This makes me want to get my own embroidered dress and leather jacket to match.  But rather than stick to American classics like H&M, Shopbop and Modcloth (or if I had more funds, Proenza Schouler, Chanel, and Elizabeth and James), I decided to figure out where I would go in Israel if I was looking for this combination.  Here’s what I found:

For more on how to wear a lace dress with a leather jacket, read this!

I would suggest pairing a more pricey lace or embroidered dress with a faux leather bomber jacket.  Castro and Renaur have some nice ones, that surprisingly look similar to the real thing. Of course, they also have the real, pricier version. But in my opinion, mixing high and low is key for an award winning look (and spend a little more on the shoes why don’t ya!)

Motorcycle Jacket, 399nis (about $100), Castro

There’s also a great Castro leather jacket on sale for just 199nis. ($50.)

They are all over the place.  Other friends have suggested TwentyFourSeven. Yes, I know you are thinking retail? Really? But if you’re going to spend more on the dress you can also wear in summer, you might as well spend less on the jacket.

And now for the embroidery and lace.

I found a BEAUTIFUL white embroidered dress from the Dark Mist collection by Lilamist. I think it would go perfectly under a cropped motorcycle coat.

Lilamist, 280 Dizengoff St., 972-3-5444058

Other designers and stores that carry great lace or embroidered dresses:

Anya Fleet

Mimi Label M

Mimi by Miri Moshe, Studio: 19 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv

Roni Kantor, Studio/Shop: 64 Sderot Rothschild, 074-7033488

Yaara Keydar

Limka, 2 King Solomon (corner of King George),

I also love dresses by:

Rhus Ovata, located in Ramat HaSharon and Tel Aviv, check Facebook page for details

The Hellers, also featured in Cafe Bizarre, 150 Ben Yehuda St.

Inbal Gvili

Inbal Gvili, Studio: 31 Menachem Begin, also located at 17 Baalei HaMaalka, Tel Aviv, 03-7163131

Ido Recanati, check website for two select locations in Tel Aviv

Elia Vatine

Mirit Weinstock

Helena TLV, 154 Dizengoff St.

For great lace and embroidered dresses in British tailored style, hit up Vered S at 110 Dizengoff St. or get your gorgeous textured shift delivered from ASOS (they have international shipping!) I would also recommend Modcloth to capture the lace dress look.

This may sound strange, but I also suggest looking at Israeli designer bridal collections because many of them more simple, less lavish, but just as beautiful mini dresses in delicate lace and embroidery  for Israeli summer weddings.  Pair under your leather jacket and you’re good to go!

Happy hunting!

Photos:,, Lilamist, Inbal Gvili, Mimi Label M, Castro


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