NN5’s Philip Treacy Event

This has been the craziest month in the “history” of my short aliyah  (3 years on December 27!)  in Israel.  Amidst trying to get my Israeli drivers license, other freelance work, and my brother’s two week visit (happening now!) I went to a couple of worthwhile Israeli fashion events, one of which I am writing about now!

A friend who works at the British embassy invited me to a fashion event created to promote a hot little boutique on Tchernikovsy and their new collection of hats from British haute couture hat designer Philip Treacy.

The event, backed by the British embassy, took place at the New Nomad 5 shop on Tchernikovsky St. in Tel Aviv.  The story goes that Marc Tzion, 53,completed studies n London and then Royal Academy of Antewerp where he focused on art and costume studies alongside big names like Dries Van Noten. He spent time in London, Antwerp, and Paris working with Van Noten and then in the archives for Chanel with Karl Lagerfeld.

While he’s had other gigs, including a stint as a pastry chef at the Four Seasons, Marc returned to his love of fashion by creating the New Nomad 5 store in Tel Aviv where he’s lived for 10 years.

The event was created to promote the newest additions to NN5 family–high-end hats by hat designer Philip Treacy.  Bringing Philip Treacy hats into the boutique is part of Marc’s mission to promote British designers in Israel.  He was backed wholeheartedly by the British embassy.

At the event, Marc described the tedious and sometimes difficult promise of bringing Treacy’s hats to Tel Aviv.

While Philip Treacy’s hats are genius and Marc is a genius for bringing them here, I’m still wondering who in Tel Aviv would actually buy them!

European Designers

Besides the chic collection of satin, silk, and suede hats from Philip Treacy, Marc’s boutique sells vintage and designer wears from a plethora of high-end Israeli and international designers.  The list includes everyone from Alexander McQueen to Christian Dior to Dries Van Noten.

Israeli Designers

I spotted a sparkly black dress with a bow from my favorite Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock and a high-neck silk dress from Guy Laroche on the racks. Shiftdresses from Jean Paul Gaultier round out the list.

Yehuda Beresi

Yehuda Beresi‘s Italian fabric luxury line of silk, chiffon,and organza dresses were also on display and the designer was on hand to talk about his collection which features lavish embroidery and mixes high-end feminine fabrics with beads and Swarovski crystals. Yehuda just opened up his first atelier in Tel Aviv on Hatavor St. this past July.

Besides meeting Beresi, I finally met the colorful characters (in other words, head designers) of Frau Blau. Philip Blau and Helena Blaustein have found a partnership in both successful Israeli fashion and in life with their magical multihued shop in the Gan HaHashmal (Electric Garden) neighborhood, which has spawned other stores throughout Tel Aviv.  While I didn’t get a picture with the fabulous duo, I did notice what they were wearing (and how could you not, they were the most colorful people in the whole place!)

Frau Blau

It’s obvious why Frau Blau is so successful. Their quality fashion with a humorous twist IS an escape from the ordinary and something I applaud them for doing so well. While I didn’t get a picture of the daring duo, I can say that I noticed that Philip was wearing a cartoonish Ecko Unlimited jacket and Helena was wearing a large brown polka dot Frau Blau coat from the label’s A/W 2009 Nude collection and her signature pouty lips with only the middle area fronting lipstick for a punchy pout.

The store is set up to look like a living room from past decades, with old posters lining the walls and antique furniture. However, Marc would never refer to his store as “vintage” though many of the pieces are undeniably so.

My friend Deborah Mohar who invited me to the event, was put on display, admirably wearing one of NN5’s choice getups.  She had on a pale pink beaded vintage dress which was backless though she covered it up with a sharp blazer for most of the night. She also donned an enviable Phillip Treacy headdress.

In a long overdue outfit shot, Angel photographed me by Kikar Dizengoff in a ruffle-collared black H&M dress, black Banana Republic blazer with white lining along the lapels, a multicolored necklace from the now-defunct Alice in Wonderland collection at Castro, and quilted white pumps from TwentyFourSeven. Not bad if I may say so myself!


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