2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions

Last year, I wrote a post for IGoogledIsrael about my Top Ten Israeli Fashion Inspirations of 2009.  I cited events, celebrities, clothes, and trends.  This year, I wanted to do something just a little bit different.

Instead of mainly citing things that inspired me, I wanted to cite things that I coveted and things that I actually received.  Just a bit different from the inspirations of the past, because I feel that I grew to learn and love even more about Israeli fashion this year and established a fierce network of contacts.

It’s been quite a year for Israeli fashion.

The Embroidered Lilamist Dress

I’m single and not exactly getting married anytime soon.  That means I’m definitely not looking for a wedding dress. But if I was looking for a beautifully tailored one that deviates from the typical beaded corset top and flowing ball gown that most Israelis wear I would surely go for this beautifull handcrafted embroidered Lilamist dress. I first came upon this dress for my Leather and Lace Combination post last month because I saw it and I immediately loved the way its intricate feminine embroidery played off a tough leather bomber jacket.  I fell in love with its texture, its demure, stylish appeal and its elegance.  Yes, I coveted it so much that I enquired with Lilamist about the dress.  While the best they could offer me was, “Come try it on in the store,” they did say it was upwards of 3000nis ($852) Not exactly in my budget.  Here’s hoping one day…

Kobi Levi

A friend turned me on to shoe designer Kobi Levi and it was only after I saw his extraordinary work that I realized he was Israeli.  Little did I know he was right here in Tel Aviv.  His shoes are works of art, crafted with such detail and precision that you can’t figure out how they can be worn (and they can!) Not to mention each shoe’s concept…truly out of this world. (Take these Blonde Ambition heels. Aptly named after Madonna and her cone bra tour of course.) I finally had the chance to meet this genius shoe designer just last month after the Time Out Israel editor asked me to write about him and he’s every bit as smart, witty, and delightful in person. He works out of his studio on Nahalat Binyamin and yes, I had the chance to see every single shoe in front of my very eyes.  (Including the chewing gum heels, the floppy ear dog shoes, and those crazy banana peel slip-ons.) While you won’t likely be able to own your very own pair (he’s not likely to make these shoes commercial at this time, for now they are custom made and one-of-a-kind,) getting a glimpse of them is something you will take away with you for the rest of your days (reminiscent of Hussein Chalayan’s fashion art.) Look for an exhibit in Tel Aviv coming up soon. In the mean time, check out his remarkable official website.

Israeli Fashion Art: Nurit Bat-Yaar

This is a tribute to a noteworthy fashion book that came out this year, but it’s also a tribute to an experienced fashion historian and a fabulous, sophisticated person.  Nurit Bat-Yaar was the former fashion editor of Israel’s most well-known newspaper Yedioth Aharanot for 26 years after a modeling stint for Maskit multicultural designs. She also wrote about American fashion for 5 years for the newspaper Maariv.  There’s so much more to Nurit, but you’ll have to read about it to find out.  She certainly is an expert in the field, with her fashion experience culminating in the go-to book for Israeli fashion history: “Israel Fashion Art 1948-2008.” The book hits all of the major aspects that made Israeli fashion something special including everything from designers that based their work on exotic, cultural, and Middle Eastern trends in the Israeli environment to just how much Israeli designers made an impact on world fashion.  While we have been in touch through e-mail for quite some time now, I finally had the chance to meet Ms. Bat-Yaar at the Philip Treacy event in December.  I can tell you that she every bit the “first lady of fashion in Israel” that everyone says she is. I’m a fan of her style and her high collars which bring a sophistication to Israeli fashion I don’t often see.  I’ve  never met such a well-groomed, elegant woman in my life!

Amit Drucker

I don’t know much about Amit Drucker–yet. But I can say she is a force to be reckoned with…and we’re just starting to see the likes of her.  At  just 13 years old, I do think Drucker is up there with the likes of tiny tot blogger Tavi Gevinson and the world needs to start noticing her!  Currently Amit is a model for label Anna K and she adds her whimsical fashion insight to Anna K’s Pure Serious Fun blog. In fact, I think she makes the blog.  I haven’t had the chance to talk to her yet, but I’m hoping that will change very, very soon and hopefully you’ll see a post on these pages all about it.  She was definitely out there in 2010 and hope to see bigger things to come for 2011.


I bet you can’t believe that I spent 399nis on these plastic hoop earrings.  But these aren’t just any plastic earrings.  They’re actually an amazing pair of silicon earrings with a gold plated hook for the ear.  Why did I get them? Well, the story goes that I was at the Mirit Weinstock presentation taking place at the designer store Razili at HaTachana (the old train station in Neve Tzedek/Yafo area that was converted into a high-end shopping center)  and I saw a beautiful salesgirl rocking them with a high ponytail and a cropped leather jacket. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop staring at them.  The price took my breath away a little bit, but a friend said, if you really like them, go for them. So I did.  I’m super happy about my purchase. And I found about a unique, new brand.  For Noritamy, Tammar Edelman and. Elinor Avni take contemporary jewelry design to a whole other level with their brand Noritamy. It’s made of some of your most basic materials like brass, silver, and silicon that are formulated into tangible 3D design. The jewelry is sculpture oriented but completely wearable and recognized! It’s been featured in Oprah’s magazine and Teen Vogue.

Ido Recanati

There’s something about Ido Recanati‘s designs that are so urban cool, but well made and clean.  The designer  has an interesting type of draping that you’ll find in many of his pieces and he uses graphic prints that remind me of New York City. I bought this floral tank I’m modeling above after noticing it on the Fashion Snake blog and I’m all too happy with my purchase. While his clothes can sometimes be too tight for a curvy figure like mine, their graphic prints and art deco patterns truly make them stand out above the rest, while remaining clean and feminine at the same time.  Expect big things from Ido Recanati.

There’s more where that came from. Stay tuned for Part 2…

Photos: Lilamist, Fashion Snake, Anna K Pure Serious Fun, Splendor


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