2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions: Part 2

Just a continuation from my 1st list of my 2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions, because there are just that many!


The spring/summer months in Israel (and there are many) so the emergence of a huge trend that has taken over the fashion world across the globe, but truly made its impact in Israel, especially in Tel Aviv, where almost every single store had at least one piece in its store window that hyped up this trend, whether it was in the form of a dress, pants, a bag, or a tunic. Floral was huge from April to September and stores like the new H&M, Zara, Vered S, and Shoofra catered to it consistently. Designers, too, were in on it and everyone from Mirit Weinstock to Roni Kantor and Inbal Raviv had something floral in their collection.  They were usually in bright patterns, on ruffled cap sleeve dresses, and even emblazoned on leggings. It was so big, in fact, and so prominent that I had to devote an entire post to all the Israeli fashion floral trend pictures I had collected from friends and throughout fashion excursions. Now that the weather is slowly turning colder, floral is gone from our radar (not even dark florals are so prominent) but I think they will be back with a vengeance.

Rhus Ovata

The brand, Rhus Ovata, is not for someone on a budget. Their well-made pieces can easily go higher than 500nis.  Still, I’ve chosen to add them to my 2010 Israeli fashion obsessions list because I first learned about them this year, I saw them everywhere, and the label is the best example for me of glamorous tried-and-true combinations which was so important on the Israeli fashion landscape this season.  The 1st combination: Einav and Hadas Zucker, the duo that make up Rhus Ovata, of course.  The second? The way they combine Israeli and American style elements, including everything from art deco graphic prints (Israeli) to feminine textures like lace, eyelet, and knit. The third combination is the simple yet statement-making way they combine urban and feminine. Just check out the dress above.  The silhouette is loose and flirty but the pattern is cool and cutting edge. Exactly what I love about this winning label.

Mismatched Prints

From The Streetswalker

When I saw this trend on the likes of Keira Knightley and Rachel Bilson, I thought, no one could actually pull this off. Apparently, I was wrong because a few Israeli fashionistas did it on more then one occasion. In a country where European style meets cunning street fashion, these stylish ladies seem to know how to pair high and low, tough and sweet, and now, stripes and floral, geometric prints and lace, and polka dots with ruffles.   Check out blogs like The Streetswalker and ILook for more details on the cool way Israelis are taking fashion risks with style elements that deviate from the norm.

Shani Bar

Did you know Tel Aviv has a close-knit fashion community? Besides fashion designers all being friends and selling together at their own apartments, I had no idea this was really happening until I saw Shani Bar’s shoes on the mannequins in the Dorin Frankfurt store.  I didn’t know who she was and when I went into the Dizengoff shop to ask about the shoes, I was led to her shop just 5 minutes away on the same street.  Shani Bar creates and designs her own shoes since 2003 and throws in modern elements and contemporary colors that I have only seen in a few places before.  She also takes classic shoes and shapes them in new ways, just take a look at her moccasin heels, statement two tone oxford falts, or the mustard-colored peep toe wedges shown above. I had to get them for my own collection and I’m so happy with my personal choice.

Studio Rupa

I first learned of Studio Rupa as a design team collaboration that had Israeli stylists and designers coming together to create a unique pair of socks and tights with lavish prints that are just offbeat and totally cool.  Little did I know that their designs would be picked up on other types of accessories, including bags, table cloths, and other textiles.  I saw this bag in early fall in the window at the retro store Shoofra located right next door to my apartment.  I eyed up the floral print for weeks and wanted it for my very own collection.  Knowing it could be pricey, I finally found the courage to go in and ask about it because I noticed after weeks it wasn’t going away.  Lo and behold, the bag was Studio Rupa.  Just another reason to love their brand. Somehow, I stopped myself from buying the bag (it was still 365nis at its lowest) but  I still think about it to this day.  And yet, I bought plastic silicone earrings from Razili for 399. Go figure!

Photos: Roz Sentell, Rhus Ovata, The Streetswalker


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