Stop And Stare: Shira Laor

In a new series on my blog, I’m going to be highlighting various Israeli pieces (clothing, accessories, shoes…) that I think are really worth a mention.  One Israeli item for every post.

Let’s start with this one.  There was something that made my stop and stare when I saw this colorful button down in the store window at Napoca, an indie designer women’s store on 196 Dizengoff St.  It was something about the way the bows protruded almost three-dimensionally off the chest and added an extra element to the blouse.  It took my breath away even more so then the multicolored hue.

Almost immediately I saw the button down posted on Facebook and I was thrilled because until then I had only passed it in the window numerous times without going in and inquiring as to who the designer was.  The shirt was created by an indie designer named Shira Laor, who at 31 years old, has her own label of stylish ruffled tops, organza print skirts, sheared dresses, and dotted tees.

Napuca is the perfect line to carry this designer, who adds just a smidge of funky urban and bohemian chic to every piece.  She also holds her own among the array of indie designers found at the boutique, which includes the vintage-inspired femininity of Mona and the princess-y lace and floral looks of Shushine.

Though lots of fashion events, including the bi-annual City Market and an exhibit of shoe designer Kobi Levi’s work as part of The Guild School of Footwear and Accessory Design  are all going on this weekend, you might still want to see what Shira is all about.  Visit her at the opening gala for her studio in Yafo, which she shares with Sharon Boaz and the label She’ya.  There, she’ll be selling some of her latest pieces at discounted prices.

The studio is at Tirtza 22, Mitnam Noga, Yafo and will be going on from 10am to 5pm.


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