Dori Csengeri’s Hand Embroidered Jewelry

Take a look at the detailed craftsmanship on this high-end statement piece.

This colorful choker, aptly named the Isadora, is studded with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, and crystal briolette, obviously the work of experienced craftsmen.  The tinted shell adds an element of fun but also finesse.  Its design has a bohemian look with an elegant ladylike.  While it’s definitely not cheap, it’s also not something you buy everyday.  That is, it’s one-of-a-kind.

And so is the designer who thought up this and many other brilliant statement-making creations!

Dori Csengeri may call her jewelry style bohemian chic, but her impeccably sewn hand embroidered jewelry is much more lavish than mere boho.  Fusing her education in textiles and art, Dori has created an assortment of embellished hand sewn embroidered creations including statement necklaces with onix, glass, leather, and pearl pendants, gemstone earrings, bracelets with Swarovski crystals, and accessories that would look striking on anyone from a bride to a college student.   A bride or a college student that wants to stand out, that is!

What started as small color compositions in textiles has evolved into exquisite hand sewn embroidered creations that jump out at you and go against the grain.

candy color ear clips with glass cabochons and Swarovski crystals

And yes, that means necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, chokers, pendants, and pins for a wide variety of budgets and occasions including bridal, haute couture, casual, and nights out on the town.

“The kind of woman that would wear Dori Csengeri jewelry is a woman who does not want to blend into the background rather one who prefers to stand out and be different,” says a spokesperson for the world-traveler, who has worldwide acclaim and offices in Israel, Milan, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. She also sells her pieces in prestigious museums and galleries.

Bridal: bracelet with handmade czech glass lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals

Dori Csengeri online jewelery store offer jewelery color searching, personal styling, bridal jewelry, and other accessories.  Definitely a force to be reckoned with alongside the other jewelry e-commerce sites out there.

Dori herself has said that kind of woman that would wear her jewelry is one that refusing to be a victim of fads and passing trends, but knows the value of quality pieces.  She’s one that is feminine, but funky, and wants to create excitement.

Though born in Israel and receiving much of her education in textiles there, Dori Csengeri also got an impressive art education at the Academie de Port Royal in Paris.  It’s her well-rounded education and experience in a wide variety of areas that has led to her award winning collections.

This  past season Dori Csengeri collaborated with Swarovski to design two high fashion jewelry collections made with Swarovski crystals for the Atelier Swarovski Spring-Summer 2009 collection.  Dori Csengeri also created Swarovski crystals embroidered handmade jewellery for Swarovski Crystallized™ trend inspirations.  All handmade of course.  Dori Csengeri handmade jewelery with Swarovski crystals will be showcased at Swarovski jewellery stores.

Just another incredible example of the fashion talent coming out of Israel.

Dori Csengeri, 242 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv,  IL 63115,
+972 3 604 3273,


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