Stop and Stare: Frau Blau Family

Is this not the cutest picture you’ve ever seen?

Philp Blau and Helena Blaustein seem to have been put on this Earth to find each other.  The duo, both Russian, stylish, and having almost the exact same last name, met in Israel and have been together for nine years and are the parents of a beautiful three-year old girl.  They started their funky, spirited and colorful avant-garde label Frau Blau in 2002 and totally use their amazingly creative sense of style in all of their pieces for the brand. This picture encompasses that gorgeously fun style that they have taken upon themselves and handed down to their sweet daughter.

This picture just about sums up the quirky, eccentric and stylish trio.

The little girl, who looks adorable in a fuchsia  floral print skirt, checkered purple jacket, striped purple tights, and white flat boots has absolutely no clue just how fashionable she’ll probably be in the future.  Her mother Helena often wears funky print overcoats or tights from her artsy label along with her geisha-inspired lipstick while you’ll often see her father Philip in a multi-hued Ecko Unlimited hoodie and baggy Jenco jeans.

Helena designs for the label, chooses materials, and works on the collections.  Philip is the art director but only became an official partner about a year ago though he was there from the beginning.  He also works on PR and marketing.

The duo is best known for their unique technique of printing on fabric called  “Trompe l’oeil“, which is an illusional type of dressing that creates an optical illusion for the person wearing the clothes.

Photo: Anna Eiserle


3 thoughts on “Stop and Stare: Frau Blau Family

  1. Philip Blau

    Thank you for cool article!
    But this time I´m wearing different brands:
    Hoodie”Kanjii Jeans”
    Trousers “Tripp NYC”
    Sneakers “Swear”
    Sunglasses “Blinde”

    Thank you one more time! Love!

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