Fashion Market

The Israeli Fashion Market (מעצבי העיר) in Ganei Hatarucha (North Tel Aviv) happens twice a year.  The first usually occurs in January or February when Israeli fashion designers are preparing for Spring and getting rid of their winter selections.  The second happens at the end of summer when designers begin preparing for winter and fall and sell off the last of their hot weather best.  As you can see, the perks of the Fashion Market are–discounts, discounts, discounts!! And where else can you get all the best Israeli designers in one place!

This year, the Fashion Market celebrates it’s 15th year, and perhaps its best! After all, the Israeli fashion community is growing and this is evident by the swarms of talented designers and labels showcasing their wares inside a modern and trendy nightlife-inspired hall.  And with its 15th year, the Fashion Market offered its best selection yet–a variety of mainstream and indie designers, menswear, feminine pieces, accessories, jewelry, and tights.

Alongside the more well-known designers like Ronen Chen, Sigal Dekel, and Yosef that have appeared at the Fashion Market on more than one occasion in the past, come the up and coming designers like Sharon Brunsher, Anya Fleet, and Rhus Ovata and the promising new designers you may have yet to hear of  like Hanit Chen, Totali, and Inbar Shahak. But that won’t be the case any longer.

A small men’s fashion area was grouped as well as a midsection for accessories and tights and personal styling areas for makeup and hair.

Sigal Dekel, who celebrated her 10th year as a recognized designer in 2010, proves that bows are back in a big way. And in her case, they’re patterned!

I caught onto Inbar Shahak’s crochet inspired jewelry last year and was so happy to see her as a fixture at the Fashion Market. Here is her beautifully crafted line on the right and you’ll notice her all the way on the back right corner. On the other side is Toosha, a mother/daughter accessories brand collection (think hats, gloves, scarves) crafted from various knits, weaves, embroidery and more.

Kism was there! We all know that Sarah Jessica Parker once carried a Kisim bag on the Sex and The City set and why not? Kisim bags are for the ultrachic modern woman! Designed by Yael Rosen, the Kisim cube handbags and wallets line is inspired by simple solutions of Japanese fabric design and the traditional leather craftsmanship of the Middle East, says Israeli design and accessories site Coolil.  The pieces are known for their exquisite quality leather and clean, fluid lines that creates a balance between a feminine and a modern look.

Aren’t these shoes beautiful? They should be, as all CoupleOf shoes are made of the finest leather and other materials and created with an intricately detailed craftsmanship.  But while great to look at, they are also extremely comfortable and cushioned with soft leather. The brand was founded by Shelly and Elon Satat-Kombor in 1999, and are becoming quite familiar amongst the fashionable Tel Aviv shopping scene.

I had to put these pictures in! My friend Alexis, who accompanied me to the Fashion Market, is a lover of fashion, but was more interested in watching the talented band perform during Friday afternoon at the market.  When the band wasn’t impressing the crowd, a DJ spun electro tunes that hit the spot.

Here are a few designers that caught my eye!

Hanit Chen

A designer at the event that caught my eye was Hanit Chen.  And it wasn’t her clothes that got my attention, it was what she was wearing! I noticed a designer that was dressed in a refined way–pink organza skirt, gray blazer, dark tights and silver flats.  It wasn’t just what she wearing, it was how she was wearing it.  She looked classy, feminine,  put together, and ironically, I felt like I could afford every single piece! Only then did I notice her unique romantic  pieces (blazers with bows and ruched shoulders, vintage-inspired dresses in with Peter Pan colors and buttons in pastel colors, and lace. I’ve become a fan and suddenly wondering where I can fidn more of her pieces.


Gala has a studio and store on Tchernikovsky St. which I’ve never ventured into though I’ve passed it almost every day. So I was very curious to see what she had in store at the Fashion Market. Though the Shenkar graduate is certainly not new to the Tel Aviv scene (she’s had her own line since 2004) which she has formulated into a cool streetwear brand focusing on stonewashed denim and casual cotton dresses. Funky prints and structured blazers are there as well, alongside cute cardigans tying the whole line together in one pretty package.  The intricate lining and detail is also ideal.

My first ever purchase from a duo who call themselves Rhus Ovata (and a line I have been raving about for months) was at the Fashion Market, where I bought a cool checkered tunic in navy blue and peach with purple buttons, which looked like a cross between a vest and an open dress.  Costing me just 150nis (a steal for the lucrative line) it’s definitely my favorite piece to date and goes perfectly well with my peach colored tank top.

Photos: מעצבי חעיר


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