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With so much of the fashion world going online, it’s no surprise that Israeli fashion is doing it, too. Sites like Sense of Fashion, started by an Israeli and promoting indie fashion across the world, has helped to bring Israeli fashion to the forefront in its campaign to promote international fashion. Israeli designers like Inbal Gvili and Liat Ginzburg were recently featured at a Sense of Fashion pop-up in the We The People Fashion Collective store , in an effort to promote talented designers to a fashion-savvy NY audience.

Israelis are also known for their unique and recognized jewelry and accessory designs and the site Coolil promotes that to a global audience, showcasing well known designers like Hagar Satat and Kisim and fusing them with less heard of but still talented names like Inbar Shahak and Efika.

Now Amalia Boutique is on the scene and with an chic new page, prominent fashion blog showcasing some of Israel’s top designers, stylists, and trends, and campaigning with a vengeance on Twitter and Facebook, it’s showcasing where to find threads (and shoes!) by some of Israel’s best indie designers to date ONLINE!!

“We have some of the best indie designers Tel Aviv has to offer, ” Co-founder Avivit Shein told me. Ido Recanati, Sarah Braun, AlefAlef, Anna K, and Shani Bar, just to name a few. The boutique also has its own bag line by Meirav Ohayon.

I’ve found some of the most unique dresses and cool basics on that site and it was the basis for my tribute to Israeli dresses and dress designers in Tel Aviv post.

Avivit started the site with partner Naama Tzur because she thinks Israeli fashion is unique and wonderful and people should be exposed to it. (Exactly the reason I started this blog!)

“We think Israel is a very unique place, combining many cultures and different backgrounds to create a specific style and attitude towards fashion and clothes,” Avivit said. The two were surprised to learn that not many sites were presenting this unique fashion online.

Indie fashion in Israel is a hot commodity because of the small community of talented designers in the area. This is best exemplified by the unique standout items in store windows on Dizengoff, Bograshov, and Shenkin and now online with cool sites like Freshmeat and Amalia Boutique.

As they mentioned in their opening blog post focusing on 5 Reasons they love Israeli indie fashion.

“Indie designers stay in close touch with their customers – that way their fashion is rooted in their surroundings. They also manufacture on a small scale, so every item is special.” One has the opportunity to wear unique items and stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of my favorite items currently on the site:

Zipper Jacket RB by Roni Bar

What’s most awesome about this Israeli nylon bomber jacket (besides the fact that every Israeli girl would be seen wearing something like it in Tel Aviv) is the totally awesome asymmetrical zipper on the side rather then down the middle.  It creates a special unique shape when unzippered and while you may think every Israeli girl in Tel Aviv is wearing one, you won’t certainly look like any of them.  It’s urban and hip but it also makes a girl get noticed in the crowd!

Flowers-T by Sarah Braun

I remember seeing this tunic in her store window on Dizengoff St. and thinking, this floral tee is the epitome of Sarah Braun style.  It has a little bit of American prep and a little bit of French romance, which I believe is exactly what Braun is known for! She’s definitely one of the Israeli designers to watch in 2011.  This t-shirt is made of 100% cotton personally imported from Japan.

Gold Cherry Ring by Michal Oren

There’s something so delicate, yet playful about this darling 14k yellow-gold handmade cherry ring by Michal Oren.  No wonder Amalia Boutique picked it for the site! Just in case, you’re wondering…it’s available for sizing.

Grey And Yellow Cardigan By Anna K

What I really love about this yellow-flecked grey cardigan by Anna K is the way it looks like a cross between a blazer and a soft cardi.  Super comfortable, a little bit urban, and sharpened slightly enhanced shoulders really gives it some class.

Christina By Liebling

“Every perfect  dress needs the perfect shoes” is the way Amalia Boutique describes these criss crossed Mary Janes from Liebling. But I think these shoes are more than just the ideal shoes for a pretty dress.  They are perfect in so many other ways.  The shoes are dainty, with a square heel that is shorter than the average stiletto, they have a cute pug nose shape, and certainly dainty, but made of leather so they’ll stay sturdy throughout all your traipsing.  They also come in great colors like antique-pink, brown, and blue.

Haversack-Messenger by Meirav Ohayon

This fabric messenger  bag by Meirav Ohayon is clean cut and minimalist but in a versatile urban way.  You can wear it as a slingback, shoulder bag, or long tote for extreme comfort.  It’s also modern, chic, practical, and really, really street. Available in light gray, gray, dark blue, and black, though the one in the picture is certainly my favorite.

Boutique Amalia is currently having a winter sale!  Boots and shoes are now 15% off. Coats, sweaters and warm stuff are 20% off, and our beautiful fabric bags are 25% off. Enjoy!
Photos: Boutique Amalia,

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