What Does Israeli Fashion Mean To You?

As you’ve all noticed, I’ve been extremely, extremely busy these past two months. Between writing fashion and lifestyle articles for Time Out Israel (English Edition), working on new online projects with Fashion TV, the mega international fashion broadcasting channel which has a branch in Israel, and doing a slew of other mini freelance projects, things have been quite crazy around here!!

Did I mention that I also have a full time job and I’m moving this week? Yea, that.

In any case, once the move is over and I get a better handle on my new (and old) responsibilities, I’ll be able to devote more time to blogging about Israeli fashion, which I believe is so SO important because I really want to promote the talented designers and fashion-savvy people that make up this country.

Like Hilla Ohayon. Hilla is not a designer or a  model or a stylist.  But she definitely knows her fashion! Hilla is currently known as one of the top fashion writers in Israel, who sort of fell into a fashion writing/social media career pretty much because someone noticed her fashion-savvy blog and asked her to start writing about fashion for one of Israel’s leading newspapers, Haaretz.  Fast forward a little bit and she’s currently in charge of New Media (think Facebook and Twitter) for a powerful international indie shopping and fashion site called Sense of Fashion, which was started in Israel but has gained worldwide acclaim.

Hilla has since had the opportunity to sit in at shows during New York Fashion Week and she was just recently part of a Teen Vogue fashion blogger panel at a big fashion event in Las Vegas called WWD Magic.  She even had the chance to throw in a bit about what she has noticed about the world of Israeli fashion (and she put it so eloquently.)

“Fashion in Israel is very urban. Everyone is very into urban chic out loud.”

Watch this clip!

Photos: Hilla Ohayon, Ynet


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