Castro Spring/Summer 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that I always say I’m going to buy something from a local Israeli designer and then I end up at Castro like I did the other day picking out pieces from the new Spring collection.  Sometimes I head into the store at Dizengoff Center and I don’t like anything I see and sometimes I head in and pick up like 5 or 6 pieces, as I did the other day when I spent over 500nis on Castro clothes.

Admit it. You’ve bought something from Castro. You say that you haven’t and you prefer designers, but face it, it’s the most popular brand in Israel for a reason.  The popular Israeli label has a great blend of menswear, urban pieces, and feminine frocks that appease the modern Israeli mentality, no matter how cheap you think the clothes are made.

That’s why I’m never hesitant to feature Castro on my site.  Despite never being to one of their fashion shows (a friend who wrote to them told me that they rejected giving her an invitation because her blog was in English,) I still have great things to say about the brand which to me is the epitome of Israeli chic, at least where retail is concerned.

Last year I reviewed their Castro Spring/Summer 2010 collection based on a video I caught on Ynet and Walla news sites. I remember being intrigued by their large florals and black street dresses. And this year, I will do the same, though I’m not quite so sure their latest collection, modeled by the Castro models team that includes headliners Gal Gadot and Yonatan Wegman, lives up to what I remember.

So says Shachar Atwan, a Haaretz reporter, who asks where’s the oomph of past collections remembered by the writer.  Ironically, there were past collections featured in this season’s newest outfits–Atwan admits that he saw repeated use of color palettes and patterns in many of this year’s designs, but the writer felt it was been there, done that and time for something new.  The writer says there was an absence of drama and an absence of glamour, especially considering much of the collection was awash in pale and cream colors and there was very little evening wear.

What do you think?

For me, the music left something to be desired as much as the clothes.  As Gal Gadot and Yonatan Wegman made their notable appearances, they looked washed out in white and a salmon-colored dress that hit at the waist.

I hated the browns for men, but I did enjoy the eyelet and lace crocheted boat neck top worn by one model and the gray harem pants and sweater worn by another. Though a bit shapless in draping dresses and loose belts, the models who stood out were the ones that wore colors and patterns (ocean blue, polka dots, and bright orange) overriding the unfortunate heavy use of creams, off whites, and beiges. I loved the coral, the blue, the yellow, and the orange and wish we had seen more of those!

For more on the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show, check out Castro’s Facebook page.

Photos and Sources:, Walla!! Fashion, Haaretz


4 thoughts on “Castro Spring/Summer 2011

  1. DreedTea

    I really wish they would turn the volume down in there! It gets me super panicky I never understood that and how it helps people buy- it makes me run. Maybe just showin’ my age 😉 Quality is NOT great, but I call these type of stores (ZARA, H&M too) gateway drugs! It affords you to try out a new trend or a look that you aren’t sure you will find yourself in. If you liked the look and rocked it, now you go buy the designer quality version and know exactly what you are looking for and what will annoy you.

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