Made By Lilamist

Remember when I was in love with that white textured mini dress from the Lilamist collection? I named it one of my 2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions.  Well, in fact, I’ve become enamored with the entire Lilamist line.  Lilach Elgrabi and her team has created a slew of silky, satin, and ruffled numbers that target the feminine beauty who wants to be dressed up and comfortable at the same time in trendy textures and patterns.

But alas, most of the line is just too expensive for me to think about buying more than one piece. That dress, when I asked about it, was over 3000nis (and rightfully so!)  Plus they have an array of glamorous bridal and evening gowns that are just so worth it when up against the trendsetting pieces the rest of the world has to offer. It’s no wonder that many o the girls here in Israel have heard of the brand without even having bought a piece of their own.

Well, I’m in luck because Elgrabi has smartly come up with a whole new collection for the fashionista who wants to dress like a Lilamist girl, without worrying that she will topple her budget. Made by Lilamist is full of Elgrabi’s winning trends and sweet details, but at a much more affordable price.

A couple weeks ago I went to a Made by Lilamist sale at the Panaroma Building on 84 Derech Ben Tzvi and I felt like I was walking into a sale by Lilamist! I almost couldn’t believe that the pieces were at a lower price.  I saw a blue sequined bolero that I instantly fell in love with as well as rinkled scarlet red tops, ruffles and bow details and a gorgeous jade green dress with ruffled shoulders.

I felt like Lilach Elgrabi was right on par with today’s spring trends.  She gave femininity a bit of an urban kick fusing ruffled details with prints in a style that was totally of the moment. It’s like she knew exactly what girls were looking for in fashion. Magic, really.

I recently wrote a Time Out Israel article about the new line and this is the line from the piece that best describes the new brand. (You can find my article on Made by Lilamist at Time Out Israel on page 60.

“Elgrabi has an uncanny ability to translate common trends into high-end pieces stamped with her signature feminine ruffles, detailed tailoring and stark urban patterns–all at budget friendly prices.”

It’s like when Karl Lagerfeld translated his winning collection for H&M aficionados.

Pieces range from 150 to 550 nis.

I’ve jumped on the Made by Lilamist bandwagon!!  Will you?

Photos: Lilamist

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2 thoughts on “Made By Lilamist

  1. Roz

    I love lilamist, and moving so close to the shop is not helping my wallet either…i love her feminine sillouettes and expensive textile choices…Its so new york and chic and if i was rich I would probably only shop there…

  2. G

    I used to love her designs, but apparently they are the worst quality! I bought a pair of pants here and they fell apart the first time I wore them! Lilamist were not even willing to give me a refund!

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