Five Different Israeli Styles In One Photo

This photo was taken a couple months ago at a launch party for an Israeli tv series called “מחוברות” (Connected.) The series is about five women who give us a glimpse into their “real” world (as real as it gets meaning without censorship.) This party was at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque.

The reason I decide to highlight this photo is because it showcases 5 different Israeli women with 5 different Israeli personalities and their personal style showcases it as such. Each style for each woman is totally different from the other but yet all are distinctly Israeli.

The five ladies are (from left to right): Single Hili Emmanuel, Tel Avivian Nana Schreier, journalist Shir Nustzaki, Dina Abramson, a divorced woman who is swimming between the religious and secular world, and budding singer Mika Karni.

Now let’s focus on the clothes. I don’t know all that much information about what designers they are wearing but I’ll tell you what I can.

Hili Emanuel:

I hate giving her the single label, but Hili definitely gives off that classic Israeli single vibe–the mod, hip Israeli girl with blunt bangs, but one that is also feminine with pink as the color of choice for her dress. Notice how the dress also drapes in the front and has thicker arm sleeves (as in it’s not racerback.) Both are typical aspects of an Israeli dress you’ll often see on the rack.

Nana Schreier:

The truth is, before I read this article, I saw this picture on Israeli designer Anya Fleet’s Facebook.  That’s because Ms. Fleet was highlighting the fact that the pregnant Nana Schreier was wearing her clothes.  Now it’s not often you see a pregnant woman in a cropped asysmmetrical tuxedo-inspired blazer but in Israel, the style of black menswearish blazer made of crepe over white shirt with tight fitting black pants is fairly common here. I guess common enough that even a pregnant woman can pull it off. And Nana seems to do it quite well.

Shir Nustzaki:

Shir wears my favorite outfit of the group, because it’s comfortable, feminine, and still stylish.  In my opinion, this is a typical fashionista’s outfit in Israel.  It has the essence of style–that she cares about what she looks like–but she’s still available to walk down the city streets comfortably if she decided to dress down the outfit with a pair of flats or flip flops. I think she would go for pretty flats, because the two tone pinks make the outfit quite feminine.

Dina Abramson:

There’s a certain look in the Israeli world that’s quite interesting because it gives you a glimpse into Israeli society and an Israeli lifestyle.  It has to do with the religious world, but not the ultra-religious Jews who usually go for basic colors like black and white.  Dina Abramson embraces a modest look (covered knees and elbows) but still has a style that speaks to the Tel Aviv look–a slightly puff shouldered dress layered over a stone gray shirt and matching grey tights, graphic print peep toe flats.  She may be covered, but she’s still as fashionable as the other cleverly coiffed ladies.

Mika Karni:

Mika Karni picks up on another typical Tel Avivit style and that’s the summer dress livened up with a graphic print.  Summer dresses are always everywhere as the weather gets warmer and to dress it up for a night event, the Israeli fashionista will always pick one with a graphic pattern  that gets attention.  For a dressier look, I’m liking how the dress balloons out a bit at the bottom.  She keeps it dressy with opaque black tights and shoes.

Photos: Mako

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