H&M Fall 2011 in Israel

Versace is teaming up with H&M for their next designer collaboration. WAIT WHAT?

Yes, you heard me right.  Versace, as in the Donatella Versace, as in one of the dresses Anne Hathaway wore to the Oscars, as in the woman who made the extremely low-cut jungle dress that Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys the year no one could talk of anything…yes, THAT VERSACE…is working with H&M for the top shop’s next designer collaboration come this November.

With fashion’s well-knowns moving to be part of the brand (America’s biggest model right now, Karlie Kloss, is currently THE FACE of H&M), it looks like H&M can say it has ARRIVED.

Which is why I’m proud that H&M is now a part of Israel, that the prices are fairly inexpensive, and that Israel has announced it plans to sell the Versace line this Fall.  Just as it sold Lanvin’s line when that high-end designer brand collaborated with H&M (Lanvin’s head designer, Alber Elbaz, is an Israeli fashion school graduate.)

Which is why I’m even prouder to say that I was invited among some of Israel’s best fashion journalists and fashion bloggers, to an H&M Presentation for their Fall 2011 collection held in the Tavi Gallery in Neve Tzedek.  Champagne and hors d’œuvres were served, gifts were taken away (stylish patterned notebooks that I will display later) but most importantly, clothes were seen and coveted.

First, a word about the collection: The inspiration is 60s and 70s. H&M has always been a big believer in these retro references, but even more so now that it seems some of the most recent Fashion Weeks (New York, anyone?) have paid great homage to the 70s.The 60s and 70s trend (think paisley prints and swirls, neon brights) are combined with a rustic lumber trend, that includes beiges, browns, and knitwear.Shapes are more about volume, less about form fitting, and prints aren’t always matched.  Big cocktail rings and feather necklaces are part of the accessories and the shoes have a boxy heel which make them that much more comfortable (and that much more 70s, natch!)

Here are my favorite pieces from the collection:

Best Ensemble

Mismatched prints stand alone. This outfit didn’t match in the slightest, and still, I loved the pairing of the neon striped skirt with the red cardi and the black and white Oxford lace ups!

Best In Shoe

Best Texture

Best Top 

Can’t Get Enough of…This Color!

We can’t forget about the champagne and snack, and those lovely parting gifts.  The H&M team gave out men’s and women’s lookbooks and other notebooks in H&M signature retro prints of the season! What a way to remember the morning!

Photos: Simona Kogan, Morgane Portheault


4 thoughts on “H&M Fall 2011 in Israel

  1. whittakersue

    Why should Israel be excempt of the benefit of great artists music? It is great to know that a lot of artist from all over the world include Israel in their busy agendas.

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