HoF11: Holon Fashion Week

Israel had the opportunity to welcome some fashion greats to our country last month and I had the opportunity to witness it! The whole thing took place at the Holon Design Museum during Holon Fashion Week.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Holon? HOLON? Not the first place you think of when you think of fashion in Israel. Nevertheless, with the inception of the Holon Design Museum, Holon has little by little become a mecca for fashion and art design. Luckily, Holon Fashion Week, with the help of the fashion greats that were in attendance, helped us to realize that.

HOF Opening Night 

There was no way I was going to be missing Holon Fashion Week, if I could help.  Besides opening up a world of fashion possibilities in a town outside of Tel Aviv, Holon Fashion Week was organized with the help of Hilla Ohayon, one of the best Israeli-born fashion bloggers/new media personnel on the scene today and bringing guests like mega-watt fashion designer Zac Posen, fashion blogger extraordinaire Yuli Ziv, Business of Fashion Founder and Editor Imran Amed, writer, muse, and vintage connoisseur Stephanie LaCava. Other special guests include Alexandra McGuiness, a leading stylist and director of the movie The Lotus Eaters, and her muse, star of the film Amber Anderson.

I was especially excited to see Yuli Ziv as she to me is one of the pioneers of online fashion blogging at its best and I had had the privilege of sitting down with her years earlier in New York City over lunch to pick her brain about fashion and blogging in general.  Prior to the opening night, I also welcomed her for a visit to the FashionTV offices in Ramat Gan.

Opening night was a sea of fashionable Israeli faces who were on hand to showcase the very best in Israeli style amidst other glamorous internationals.  I attended the event with Design Break blogger Einat Kayless Argamann. It was our first meet and greet after more than a year of being in contact and I was excited about the prospect of a new fashion blogger buddy.  There, we met up with Einat’s friend Yael, a blogger at Marmalada and Morgane Portheault Koresh of The Leopard Legs, one of my closest blogger friends here in Israel.

Me, Morgane, & Einat 

Other friends I saw at the event included fashion designers Yoav Meir, Roni Kantor, and Mirit Weinstock, blogger Sefi Erlich of Way Too Yellow (she looked divine in a gold knit sweater), and Sonya, Michell, and Daina, the girls of Dreed Tea.

Yoav Meir 

Sefi Erlich (r) Sweater looks even better in person! 

Among the best dressed, other Israelis like model Shiraz Tal, Rhus Ovata designers Hadas and Einav Zucker, stylist Inbal Rave and designer Orli Rosen also made a showstopping impact in fashionably fabulous designs!

Shiraz Tal 

Rhus Ovata: Hadas & Einav Zucker 

Stylist Inbal Rave & Designer Orli Rosen 

But of course, we can’t forget our stunning guests of honor.

Zac Posen

Stephanie La Cava (Dress by Zac Posen)

Hey Zac, can I have this dress?

Yuli Ziv

Imran Amed

Fashion at Holon Fashion Week


Perhaps, Imran Amed summed up the week best on Business of Fashion. On his blog, he wrote, “I was extremely fortunate to have been invited to speak at Holon Fashion Week (HoF11) last month, held at the stunning Design Museum Holon designed by Ron Arad, who is credited with putting this suburban city on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, on the global design radar. Though the event was dubbed a ‘fashion week’, there were no fashion shows to speak of. In reality, what transpired was more of a constructive dialogue between the global fashion industry and Israel’s fashion community.” That’s exactly what these panels were.

I was lucky enough to sit in on three panels on the first day of Holon Fashion Week. The first one, featured Zac Posen being interviewed by fashion designer/blogger Yaara Keydar.  The audience got a sneak peek into Posen’ s world and how he started his now multimillion dollar fashion business.  It was obvious that Posen had lots of influence from his father, an artist and his mother, a corporate lawyer, and had always been the one to make clothing for his girl friend (and the reason why he’s so successful with his glam red carpet gowns today) because he seems to know a woman’s figure–with lots of practice in his youth.  I was disappointed and a little surprised Posen didn’t talk more about his celebrity friends, Coco Rocha, Bijou Phillips, etc. but he did mention how Naomi Campbell saw something in him.

One thing about Posen’s interview stood out and that’s what he said at the end when he was asked what advice he would give to the many young designers in the audience (there were many more of them then there were bloggers and fashion media.) He said to wear your clothes.  Sounds like common sense, right? But what he meant was to make your clothes seen.  You are your own fashion label’s PR and the only way people are going to know about you and your apparel is to broadcast it the best way you know how–on yourself and other people.

The next panel was one of my favorites and featured Israeli fashion designer heavyweights including handbag designer Daniella Lehavi, clothing designer Maya Negri, and clothing designer Dorin Frankfurt.  While this may have seemed commonplace for some of the other young designers in the audience who are probably used to seeing these designers on tv or elsewhere, it was a treat for me because I had never put a face to a brand name.

Nili Landsman, Maya Negri, Daniella Lehavi, Dorin Frankfurt (l.to r.)

The fashion designers were interviewed by Nili Landsman, a writer  from Fashion Forward.  Designer Mordechai Avraham (not pictured) was also featured in the panel.

Yuli Ziv spoke about using social media to your advantage as a blogger and a young designer because it’s one of the best ways to market yourself and your brand (besides Zac’s advice to wear your brand’s clothes, of course!) Ziv, a proclaimed online and social media expert who recently wrote Blogging Your Way To The The Front Row, is one of the best examples of how someone can break into the industry using this as one of her methods of contact and conversation.  Ziv also mentioned that this way a perfect way to describe a day in your life as a designer and to have a focus group that answers you when you want to bounce ideas off them.

I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to attend the Bloggers Panel the following day, but I heard it was fantastic and featured my new friend and fellow blogger Sivan Epstein Pnini from My Urban Runway, who calls her life a runway and the “real fashion show” which she broadcasts on her blog.  (Sivan is the beautiful blond in the black and white pinstripe jacket.) While Hilla Ohayon moderated, other bloggers included Shelly Gros from המלבישה (Dresser) and Sahar Shalev from Ha Garconniere.  Sivan calls the best part of the blog the fact that she gets to showcase fashion and the people she meets through her writing.

Perhaps the best part of my Holon Fashion Week experience? Getting to see lovely ladies like Hilla Ohayon, Yuli Ziv, and Morgane Portheault Koresh (The Leopard Legs) and getting to connect with Sivan Epstein Pnini(My Urban Runway) and Einat (Design Break Blog).

Photos: Odem Kedmi, Fashion Forward, HOF11, My Urban Runway


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