Roberto Cavalli at Tel Aviv Fashion Week !!

Did you think the biggest fashion designer to come through Israel this year would be Zac Posen?

While seeing the New York charmer was a real treat, perhaps it was Roberto Cavalli, the Italian mega-designer and swagger star (yes, I said it) who truly made an impact on Israeli fashion when he made a worthwhile appearance at Tel Aviv Fashion Week and international and Israeli crowds. Wife and business partner Eva Cavalli was by his side.

While Roberto Cavalli was the biggest draw at Tel Aviv Fashion Week taking place at Hatachana, an old railway station in Neve Tzedek converted into a beautiful shopping and restaurant area, he wasn’t the only one. Israeli designers like Dorit Bar-Or, Ido Recanati, Alon Livne, and Dorin Frankfurt were on hand to show off their collections.

Unfortunately, the crowd, at least where many Israelis were concerned, didn’t care so much for them, although they had talent to spare.  After Cavalli left on the first of the three-day event, there were many empty seats at the shows. With all the potential these designers really have for an international and local market, it was a disappointment to see that not many Israelis were on hand to see it.

There were many things I didn’t like about Tel Aviv Fashion Week, many problems, and many items that need to be improved on.  I’m only going to focus one paragraph on them before getting back to the main man. One of the biggest problems of this event, besides the fact that it was pretty unorganized, was that too much focus was made on the international fashion designer and international foreign press.  While they deserve all their accolades, why wasn’t more attention paid to the Israeli media (especially the ones that were spreading the word about Israel in English) and the Israeli designers, themselves, who like I’ve said in the past, have talent to spare?

Back to Cavalli.  Regardless of what you think about him, his clothes, or his appearance in Israel, one thing’s fore sure: he loves the country and it was great to show he was willing to lend his name, charm and talent to help it promote its own fashion talent.

“Israel is in my heart,” the designer said, as reported in JPost.  He showcased his love and affection for both Sabra girls and the Israeli fashion scene by paying compliments to the models and stomping and clapping along with the standing ovation at the end of the Shai Shalom show, according to Walla! Fashion. He  also responded in basic Hebrew, more than once. He raved about the beautiful women.  “They have strong character, but they are so sweet,” he told Xnet. “They can be very romantic as well.”

“I like to see how in Israel you love fashion,” he told FashionTV, when members of the 24/7 style channel located in Israel, and an Israeli model, interviewed him before his Tel Aviv reveal of his Spring/Summer 2012.  “I feel that fashion, in Israel, in Italy, is international,” he told others at a press conference the day of his show.

Eva Cavalli could teach Israelis a thing or two about fashion.  There’s something so feminine about her, that she constantly preserves, and yet, she’s always dressing in androgynous menswear-inspired looks with sharp shoulder blazers and crisp trousers, mainly in black with a bold accessory or print to tie the crowd over.  In this case, she makes an impact with signature Cavalli animal print.

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection, straight off the runways of Milan, featured animal print maxi dresses, sheer chiffon and lace, gold sequined blazers and colorful tropical print suits in true Cavalli style.  Perhaps many of you have seen this sensational collection from Milan Fashion Week on the likes of Karlie Kloss, Karmen Pedaru, and Isabeli Fontana, but it was quite another to see it on our very own models, sashaying in swishy skirts and wearing gold tiaras. Unexpectedly, many of were blond, not the typical dark-haired Sabra girl that Cavalli was thinking of–but it worked nonetheless.

One of the only dark haired girls that walked in the show was Frida Astrid, a Mexican model in Israel who doubles as a host for FashionTV!

Photos: Walla! Fashion, Ynet, Xnet


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