Holon Fashion Week: Opening Night Party!

Last week, the Holon Design Museum celebrated its 2nd annual Holon Fashion Week, a fashion conference with fashion designers, bloggers, students, and architects highlighting fashion and design amidst an architectural landscape. This year, Holon pondered the combination of fashion and urbanism, particularly highlighting designer Yohji Yamamoto’s exhibit, which has been showcased in the Museum since June 2012.

They also welcomed designer Damir Doma, Creative Director Shala Monroque, Deputy Director of the Museum at FIT Patricia Mears, and other special guests to participate in panel discussions. Perhaps the biggest thrill of the entire event–besides seeing the actual exhibit, of course, was the surprise appearance of Givenchy designer at the Holon Fashion Week closing party at The Breakfast Club where best pal Marcelo Burlon was the DJ.  He wasn’t the only one in town. Model Lea T, another pal of Burlon’s, was also here.  She vamped it with Tisci as they toured the town with Burlon visiting trendy places like Puah in Yafo. They put their stamp on our city! Side note: Puah is 5 minutes away from my house!

Riccardo Tisci, Lea T

But for me, it was the opening party that did the trick.  Not because I got to rub elbows with some of the world’s finest fashion players (in fact, I didn’t in the long run) but because I got to see some of Israel fashion’s finest…while sipping champagne and enjoying a bite!

I attended the party with good friend Emma Sulkin of the Israel Concierge service, which provides luxury accommodations to VIPs and travelers to and in Israel.  I helped her choose this black dress with gold spike shoulder embellishments because I felt it best exemplified Israel’s urban elegance style, as well as the theme of the evening meshing fashion with urbanism.

Emma Sulkin

Emma posed with my stylish pal, French fashion blogger Morgane Portheault Koresh of The Leopard Legs blog. I hung out with Emma, Morgane, and our friend DesignBreak blogger Einat Kayless Argmann, a design and accessories expert, for most of the evening.  There were some great accessories going on amongst the girls that night — Morgane wore a spiky headband and Einat wore an intriguing Hila Rawet Karni necklace.

Emma Sulkin, Morgane Portheault Koresh
Einat with Hila Rawet Karni necklace

I took the tights out for my look! It’s not cold enough to wear tights in Israel yet, but I just had to pair them with my Deena & Ozzy cutout shoes from Urban Outfitters. No longer available 😦 I also wore a green and black silk top with a tropical print, pussy bow, and cap sleeves. Name to come.

Deena & Ozzy Cutout Boot, No Longer Available at Urban Outfitters

Best Dressed at Holon Fashion Week Opening Party

If you thought last year’s Holon Fashion Week was something…you ain’t seen nothing yet! What I loved about this year’s style set at the opening party…they didn’t seem to be trying too hard.  Last year, I remember so many people were trying so hard to make a statement and present how fashionable they really were to the likes of Zac Posen, Yuli Ziv, etc.  This year, I felt more of the “true” fashion-savvy crowd came out and by that, I mean, they didn’t try so hard with their fashion…they were just fashionable. Someone told me it was because there were more architects in the crowd.  Someone else said it was because people learned from last year’s mistakes.  Or perhaps it was just the people who were really part of the style set were on the scene this season, not just the people who wanted to be.

My pick for best dressed goes to top Israeli model Adi Neumann.  I could never pull off those skin tight python pants (I’m not sure anyone but her, could, but she just looked so great.)

Adi Neumann

She is wearing an entire outfit from Yosef, a designer known for his bold prints, skin tight clothing, and urban designs.

Apparently Adi is part of a girl group? Not sure who they are…(does anyone know?) but they were definitely some of the best dressed of the night…from any angle.

Another hit on the best dressed list…Liora Shelo, a stylist and blogger. I noticed her from across the room because of the floral pants, which I was hoping was the work of an Israeli designer. But alas, it was Topshop! Her top was Zaza vintage and her shes are from Greece. Nevertheless, dark top and bright florals is such an “Israeli fashion” thing to do…

Liora Shelo

But enough about Topshop…here’s more about the up and coming Israeli designers who are making a name for themselves! Just check out their clothing.  Moriah Hemed and Tamar Fiss both wore gorgeous outfits from their own labels Mona and Fiss, respectively.  It’s hard to say who looked better…

Tamar Fiss in Fiss, Moriah Hemed in Mona (l to r)

And we can’t forget the small, but beautiful pop-up shop that was set up during the week–courtesy of Sarafan Showroom. They displayed great pieces from top Israeli designers including the famed Mirit Weinstock, Maya Bash, shoes by Oded Arama, jewelry label Dario’s, Ruby Star, scarves by Tamar Branitzky, and architectural jewelry label Noritamy.

Photos: Xnet, Holon Fashion Week Facebook, Fashion Forward


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