Moschino Takes Tel Aviv (Fashion Week)

Happy Tel Aviv Fashion Week!

It’s the start of the first of TWO Israeli fashion weeks this year.  (Organizers split after arguments and decided to hold separate events. For more information, go here.) The first, which appears to be the official Tel Aviv Fashion Week,  began on Sunday, November 11 at Hatachana in South Tel Aviv. While it’s also showcasing some of Israel’s top local talent (Frau Blau, Anya Fleet, Michal Negrin, Morin Woolf, & more on the agenda,) perhaps the biggest draw is the arrival of designer Bill Shapiro who brought with him the entire Spring/Summer 2013 collection from Moschino!

The graphics, pop art, stripes, prints, piping and bright colors are perfect for the typical Israeli fashionista (or fashionisto) who is all about taking risks or making a statement.  It’s combination of playfulness and urban chic makes for the perfect line for a true Tel Avivi in style — the kind that loves fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously, with a mix of edgy pop and bold hues. 

FashionTV has the first video of the Moschino show that took place last night at HaTachana. It features model Yael Goldman, who walked in the show, plus other Israeli celebs and a bevy of handsome male models.

I fancy myself a white jacket with black lining or one of those supermarket label suits!

Prior to the start of the week, Ya Salam fashion blogger Korin Avraham dressed in Moschino to showcase her love for a brand that has been in her hands since she was 19 years old. The photo was taken by talented photographer Kara Bieber, who’s only in town a short while but making the most of a photography learning experience with Israeli designers, photographers, bloggers and fashionistas during her stay.

Korin Avraham

Who was most fashionable among the guests at Tel Aviv Fashion Week? You decide.

Photographer Tamar Karavan in H&M dress, Moschino jacket
Designer Yoav Meir in Castro
Mor Bauer in Pioo Pioo
Rose Siniisky in Chloe
Vicky Makrianis (FashionTV)
Fashion Blogger Michal Portman in Alexander McQueen dress, Givenchy jacket

Photos: Fashion Forward, Walla! Fashion, Tel Aviv Fashion Week, FashionTV, Matryoshka, Kara R Bieber


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