Fashion Air: Frau Blau Launches Fashion Show on a Plane


If you haven’t heard of them yet…you may very well soon. Designer duo Frau Blau are pushing the boundaries of Israeli fashion.

I’ve already described this pair as offbeat, urban, and whimsical…in a good way. Their graphics and lifelike prints explode off their clothes.  They’ve even developed their own unique “Trompe l’oeil” print on their fabrics. This optical illusion type fabric is called “ke-ilu” (Hebrew for “Like” or “As If”) by the pair.

Better yet, they’re always clad in their own eccentric style and they doll up their daughter to match.

Now the Russian-born pair is pushing the boundaries in new ways.

Philip Blau and Helena Blaustein showcased their newest collection aboard the Hungarian airline Wizz Air in their first flight from Tel Aviv to Budapest this week. Passengers had no idea until they boarded the plane and watched models strutting down the aisle in the flashy pieces.

The 2012 collection was based on popular European fairy tales.  “We’re creating a link between hot Israeli climb and European tradition,” Philip Blau said. According to the Blau, a lot of Israeli designers have Hungarian roots.

The duo hoped that showcasing the collection in this innovative new way would highlight ties between their home country and Eastern Europe–more particularly Hungary and Israel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This duo seems to have been put on Earth to find each other.  They both share the same sense of eccentric, urban style and almost the exact same last name.  The two met in Israel and are the parents of a beautiful daughter who makes an impression on her own. They started Frau Blau in 2002 and recently showcased at Tel Aviv Fashion Week, amongst other events.  Helena designs for the label, while Philip is the art director. They have two stores in Israel, and sell their clothes in areas around the world including Ireland, Austria, and Russia.

Photos: Frau Blau


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