Gindi TLV Fashion Week – Opening Gala (Bar Refaeli and More!)

Gindi TLV Fashion Week had a lot riding on it..and boy did it not disappoint!

After a somewhat bitter struggle between Ofir Lev of the Israel Fashion & Textile Association and events producer Motty Reif to produce a joint fashion week, the two had a “divorce” of sorts, citing irreconcilable differences for the reason they were going their separate ways.  That meant an international Tel Aviv Fashion Week for Lev, with designer Bill Shapiro from Moschino and newer designers like Anya Fleet, Yaron Minkowski, and Morin Woolf showcasing their latest collections and veteran Israeli designers like Gideon Oberson and Kedem Sasson showcasing at Gindi TLV Fashion Week.

Gindi, unlike TLV Fashion Week, had no international designers to speak of.  There was word that Missoni was supposed to make an appearance but backed out at the last minute due to the “situation” in Israel.

What did it have? A venerable slew of fashion consultants and VIP guests in the audience (Marcelo Burlon, Rossy de Palma, Gal Gadot from Fast and the Furious), a gorgeous venue where three tents were set up next to the soon-to-be Gindi mall, being built for 2014, Israeli bloggers and a high-end local fashion crowd with everyone from buyers to editors to Israeli celebs watching the shows (they were  packed audiences) and  a luxurious investment from Gindi to the tune of 6 million shekels.

Rossy De Palma, Motti Reif, Marcelo Burlon
Rossy De Palma, Motti Reif, Marcelo Burlon

Not to mention — a large room to lounge done in black and gold, with plenty of drinks and sushi.  The Hollywood Reporter called it “very impressive  to see a young country, only on its second-ever fashion week, come so far.” Dreed Tea said it was flashy, like a wedding reception, but more in-line with the Israeli way of doing things, which perhaps, at the end of the day, is what Israelis need to promote most, so that others can understand their culture away from the negativity and the violence many people think is so commonplace in this country.

Perhaps the event that stole the show — besides Marcelo Burlon DJing for fashion designer Dodo Bar Or — the opening event featuring Israeli stars wearing mostly Israeli designers (singer Dana International, clad in Jean Paul Gaultier, was an exception.) There wasn’t a Naomi Campbell or Karlie Kloss to be found and Israeli celebs don’t have the klout in their country the way Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian might.  Yet, this was the perfect introduction to the plethora of talented designers located in Israel, from hipster style to haute couture.

The show featured some of the hottest women in Israel today, of all ages, with model Esti Ginzburg opening the show and a surprise special appearance by Bar Refaeli who closed the show, in Fox, an Israeli label she’s been toting for years now, before she became a big name in the world.

Apparently, Missoni WAS supposed to attend and due to backing out at the last minute, this was indeed a successful substitute.

Here are some pics of the best dressed fashion icons in Israel.

Esti Ginzburg in Miller

Top model Esti Ginzburg fronted jewelry line Miller.

Yael Reich in Victor Bellaish

Model and actress Yael Reich stunned in ethereal white Victor Bellaish with embellishments at Gindi Fashion Week.

Efrat Gosh in Emma

Popular singer Efrat Gosh maybe be comfortable on a stage with a microphone, but we’re not sure she’s as comfortable on a runway.  Nevertheless, the outfit seemed to match her fashion sensibilities perfectly, as most fashion followers in Israel know she’s a big fan of the retro style.

Yael Goldman in Ronen Chen
Yael Goldman in Ronen Chen

Many of the celebrities walked in brands they currently front for, like actress Yael Goldman, who was the obvious choice to model Ronen Chen as she is the face of the brand.

Tamar Karavan in Alembika

Fashion photographer Tamar Karavan modeled Alembika, but she didn’t look too comfortable on stage.  This photographer probably feels better behind a camera rather than in front of it, and she kept her head down for most of her walk. Perhaps she wasn’t cut out to be a model or maybe her shoes pinched her feet too much.  Nevertheless, the graphic black and white looked great against the green and this was one of my favorite outfits of the night.

Ronit Youdkevitch in Raziela

You can’ tgo wrong with a peplum, especially in a print, and this dress on Ronit Youdkevitch was also one of my favorites of the night, for its unique flavor and elegance.

Sandy Bar in Lee Grebenau

Sandy Bar was one of the few in a cream color that night and I enjoyed the textured embellishments on her dress.

Stella Ellis in ML

The extraordinary Stella Ellis was born in Israel and speaks six languages.  She was a muse for Jean Paul Gaultier in the 90s and modeled for Thierry Mugler.  The best thing about her in this show, though, is that she’s modeling ML. In a country that doesn’t cater enough to plus-size fashion, Stella Ellis is certainly a stylish sexpot here in this brand.

Evelin Hagoel in Yaniv Persy

Israeli actress Evelin Hagoel looks sophisticated in Yaniv Persy, a brand that’s becoming more popular in Israel by the day.

Nicole Raidman in Dani Mizrachi

Nicole Raidman is a success story in Israel, with her own advertising agency and production company. She’s an event planner and a reality tv star.  She’s also incredibly gorgeous in this Dani Mizrachi creation.

Sivan Talmor in Naama Bezalel

Sivan Talmor was a contestant on the first Israeli version of The Voice and brought the house down with her sultry folk-pop infusion.  She’s also quite the fashionista who’s Naama Bezalel pieces seem to fit her like a second skin.

Nika in Alon Livne

Alon Livne is becoming a big fashion star in Israel, for his sophisticated and innovative designs.  Perhaps Nika is the best person to showcase his stunning creations?

Daphne Lustig in Nativ Yochai

I’m enamored with the textured front of this Nativ Yochai gown on journalist, radio broadcaster and TV anchor Daphne Lustig.

Shiraz Tal in Lilamist

Shiraz Tal is one of the first great models to come out of Israel.  At age 38, she’s still stunning…and wearing a youthful brand!

Nataly Dadon in Yosef
Nataly Dadon in Yosef

Model Nataly Dadon, the current face of Yosef, makes me excited for the upcoming collection with her use of this innovative, futuristic mask which was also used later when the designer showcased his line at Gindi FW.

Yulia Plotkin in Hagit Tassa

I’ve already waxed poetic about my infatuation with new model Yulia Plotkin on this blog.  Perhaps one of the best new talents to come out of Israel, this girl shows that she’s meant to be a star in the way she walks with confidence and attitude.  And that gorgeous hair!

Anya Martirosov in Twenty Four Seven

Model Anya Martirosov may be one of the only people in Israel that can make such a busy outfit look so good!

Bar Refaeli in Fox

Last but not least, Bar Refaeli! You can see she’s not a runway model, but she certainly got Israel talking…least of which was because it was a complete surprise that she would be appearing in this show! Well done!

Photos, Sources: Photo.Fashion.Passion, BelleMode, Oded Karni, Fashion Forward,Unzipped Fashion,Avi Waldman, Channel 10 Lifestyle,Inbal Marmari, Xnet Fashion,


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