Gertrude: What I Want For The New Year

It’s December 31st, 5pm. It’s almost time to hit up the parties for New Year’s Eve.

Campari Dress From Gertrud – Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Surprisingly, Israel, a country known for celebrating the Jewish New Year, not the Gregorian one, is having quite a few parties for 2013! In fact, it’s the most parties I’ve ever seen in Tel Aviv, since I moved here 5 years ago.

But alas, it’s too late to post a “What To Wear For New Year’s” blog post filled with sequined dresses and flashy outfits. By the time you read this, I’ll be sipping my way to a happy new year with various cocktails as I bop my head to the DJ lineup that includes David Pearl at the Tel Avivian House Party taking place at the Brown TLV Hotel.

So instead, I’d like to post a few of the Israeli designer items I hope to have in my possession in 2013! They come from a delicate, feminine, and beautiful collection called Gertrud, which I hope to have the privilege of seeing in person in 2013.  Gertrud started as a boutique on Shenkin St. catering to women who wanted designer lingerie.  Years later, dresses, shirts, skirts, and sweaters followed and the collection for Fall 2012 is certainly their best to date.

Gertrud was started by Ruth Miligrom and Neta Tevet.  Bella Gonshorovitz and Shira Shir currently design for the brand and get better every year.  Since their collection is currently their best to date (ok, only in my humble opinion) they’ve been mentioned in countless blogs including this one for Elle by Anna Kopito, the Swedish fashion blogger who started the Tel Avivian blog collective.

Sivan in Gertrude Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Sivan is the sister of designer Bella Gonshorovitz and she makes this dress look amazing!

She also makes me want just about everything from Gertrud’s current collection.

Yana Khaitovitch in Gertrud

Israeli fashion blogger Yana Khaitovitch wears a floral Parno skirt and Anis skirt from Gertrud Fall 2012. I just came across Yana’s blog Lace and Chiffon this year.  She’s one of the must-read fashion bloggers in Israel! This girl looks good in everything!

If you haven’t already noticed, almost the entire Gertrud collection for Winter 2013 stems (no pun intended) around floral. Designer Bella based the collection on urban blossoms and romance.

Getrud Fall/Winter 2012-2013

It isn’t only the floral that stands, but also the fabrics — silk, viscose, chiffon — and the colors! Blue, red, mustard yellow, burgundy, white, and black. This goes to show that you can wear dramatic, vibrant colors in winter!


225 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, Tel: 03-5467747
Ussishkin 44 A Ramat Hasharon, Tel: 03-5473648
Little Gertrude – outlet store, Frishman 77 Tel Aviv, Tel: 03-5239902
Studio, Menachem Begin 4 Tel Aviv, Tel: 03-6399586

Shirts from 228nis to 670nis, Dresses from 444nis to 1,100nis, Skirts from 436nis to 796nis

Photos: Lace and Chiffon Blog, Kopito.Elle.Se, Getrud,  Ronnie Canaanite, Fashion Forward 


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