Moschino Takes Tel Aviv (Fashion Week)

Happy Tel Aviv Fashion Week!
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World Fashion Bloggers Bryanboy, Rumi Neely (Fashiontoast), Robb Young (A Shaded View of Fashion), Daniel P Dykes (Fashionising), Ada Alti (Eau De Style) Embark on TLVStyle Boutique Tour

They came. They saw. They conquered.

Five fashion bloggers from all parts of the world including America, Greece, and the United Kingdom came to Israel as part of the Kinetis mission.
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Holon Fashion Week: Opening Night Party!

Last week, the Holon Design Museum celebrated its 2nd annual Holon Fashion Week, a fashion conference with fashion designers, bloggers, students, and architects highlighting fashion and design amidst an architectural landscape. This year, Holon pondered the combination of fashion and urbanism, particularly highlighting designer Yohji Yamamoto’s exhibit, which has been showcased in the Museum since June 2012.

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HoF11: Holon Fashion Week

Israel had the opportunity to welcome some fashion greats to our country last month and I had the opportunity to witness it! The whole thing took place at the Holon Design Museum during Holon Fashion Week.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Holon? HOLON? Not the first place you think of when you think of fashion in Israel. Nevertheless, with the inception of the Holon Design Museum, Holon has little by little become a mecca for fashion and art design. Luckily, Holon Fashion Week, with the help of the fashion greats that were in attendance, helped us to realize that.

HOF Opening Night 

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What Does Israeli Fashion Mean To You?

As you’ve all noticed, I’ve been extremely, extremely busy these past two months. Between writing fashion and lifestyle articles for Time Out Israel (English Edition), working on new online projects with Fashion TV, the mega international fashion broadcasting channel which has a branch in Israel, and doing a slew of other mini freelance projects, things have been quite crazy around here!!

Did I mention that I also have a full time job and I’m moving this week? Yea, that.

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Mismatched Prints vs. Mismatched Textures

I’ve noticed something interesting as of late.  Israelis are bigger trendsetters than I thought.  But more than that, I don’t think many of them realize that they are.  In fact, it seems pretty effortless for them–those acid wash jeans and black and white striped shirts, the flip flops with floral leggings, the tiered sleeveless dresses…

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