Roberto Cavalli at Tel Aviv Fashion Week !!

Did you think the biggest fashion designer to come through Israel this year would be Zac Posen?

While seeing the New York charmer was a real treat, perhaps it was Roberto Cavalli, the Italian mega-designer and swagger star (yes, I said it) who truly made an impact on Israeli fashion when he made a worthwhile appearance at Tel Aviv Fashion Week and international and Israeli crowds. Wife and business partner Eva Cavalli was by his side.

While Roberto Cavalli was the biggest draw at Tel Aviv Fashion Week taking place at Hatachana, an old railway station in Neve Tzedek converted into a beautiful shopping and restaurant area, he wasn’t the only one. Israeli designers like Dorit Bar-Or, Ido Recanati, Alon Livne, and Dorin Frankfurt were on hand to show off their collections.
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HoF11: Holon Fashion Week

Israel had the opportunity to welcome some fashion greats to our country last month and I had the opportunity to witness it! The whole thing took place at the Holon Design Museum during Holon Fashion Week.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Holon? HOLON? Not the first place you think of when you think of fashion in Israel. Nevertheless, with the inception of the Holon Design Museum, Holon has little by little become a mecca for fashion and art design. Luckily, Holon Fashion Week, with the help of the fashion greats that were in attendance, helped us to realize that.

HOF Opening Night 

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Five Different Israeli Styles In One Photo

This photo was taken a couple months ago at a launch party for an Israeli tv series called “מחוברות” (Connected.) The series is about five women who give us a glimpse into their “real” world (as real as it gets meaning without censorship.) This party was at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque.

The reason I decide to highlight this photo is because it showcases 5 different Israeli women with 5 different Israeli personalities and their personal style showcases it as such. Each style for each woman is totally different from the other but yet all are distinctly Israeli.
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Made By Lilamist

Remember when I was in love with that white textured mini dress from the Lilamist collection? I named it one of my 2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions.  Well, in fact, I’ve become enamored with the entire Lilamist line.  Lilach Elgrabi and her team has created a slew of silky, satin, and ruffled numbers that target the feminine beauty who wants to be dressed up and comfortable at the same time in trendy textures and patterns.
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Castro Spring/Summer 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that I always say I’m going to buy something from a local Israeli designer and then I end up at Castro like I did the other day picking out pieces from the new Spring collection.  Sometimes I head into the store at Dizengoff Center and I don’t like anything I see and sometimes I head in and pick up like 5 or 6 pieces, as I did the other day when I spent over 500nis on Castro clothes.

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