Style Your Own Purim Costume. I Did!

I’ve been in Israel for 3 plus years. That means I’ve had the opportunity to dress up for Purim for the past 3 years.

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Jerusalem Post Article and Daily Outfit Post #8

Finally, a daily outfit post! It’s been so long since I’ve posted one because I just haven’t had time or energy to take pictures.  And of course, there are always those days where you feel like dressing like crap and don’t want to take pictures of yourself no matter how good you look.

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What Fashion Trends Could Americans Take From Israelis?

In my last post on what fashion trends could Israelis take from Americans, I wrote that I usually see trends happen in Israel first.  Well, this is usually true when it comes to Euro fashion.  However, as you noticed in my last post I wrote about what Israelis could learn from Americans. Well, there are quite a number of fashion trends and tips that Americans could and should take from Israelis, who look to Euro fashion capitals like Paris and Milan for inspiration more so than their US ally.

Graduates Exhibition: Bezalel Fashion Department in Jerusalem

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“Why Jerusalem’s American Apparel Does It For Me”

Author: Beverley Paris

On my continuing search for style in the holy city I decided it was time descend on American Apparel to check out what’s new. I know, it’s not exactly an Israeli brand but I thought a reasonable compromise as it’s my favorite place to shop in Jerusalem and I believe it’s owned by a Jew.   I was wearing my oldest, most faded pair of skinny jeans and an American Apparel tunic dress (if you’re going shopping somewhere I find it helpful if you wear an appropriate piece from the brand in question.  You don’t want to overdo it but you want to show respect), my favorite Anthropolgie ethnic scarf and of course my tsumori chisato for She Umera eye bling.
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My Purim Costume(s)

Purim is the only time a boy or girl can walk down the street with face paint, Mickey Mouse ears, or a pink cowboy hat and this is considered ok and even the slightest bit mandatory. This is what I love about living in Israel.

I had the privilege this year of celebrating two very different Purims in two very different cities.

Purim in Tel Aviv happened on Saturday night, February 27, though I only went out Friday night.

That didn’t stop me from hearing the noise on the streets–people yelling, screaming, celebrating, loud firecrackers going off–even when I was in the house.(Guess that’s what you get from living on Dizengoff.)

In Tel Aviv, I was a girl from the Eighties!

I may just look like Madonna on acid! Hey, it’s Purim!
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