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Overpriced American Products in Tel Aviv

Why are imported clothes, shoes, and makeup in Israel so f$#@$$@ expensive?!  Take note.

When I see these urban chic studded sandals at the Nine West in Dizengoff Center, I totally wanted a pair! Then, I saw the price! A whopping 799nis! That’s about $200!

They just went on sale in America and on the Nine West store online for a cool $99!

American Apparel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is one of the highlights if you want American-style clothes.  And why not? After all, the founder of American Apparel is half-Israeli.

But of course, with custom import clothing comes custom import products. I just bought this $30 American Apparel Melange Jersey pocket skirt from the store in center TA. It cost me 170nis ($42)

And finally, make up! By far the most expensive import from America for women…at least in my opinion.  I opted to buy the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse from the local SuperPharm because I desperately needed foundation and wasn’t getting any from the US anytime soon.

I paid almost 200nis ($50) for this stuff! At home, it’s a measley $10 at the local drugstore…

If they had Sephora here, I wonder how much that would cost!!

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The Anat Mikulinski Dress

Now I’m not usually one of those style bloggers who likes to put pictures of myself on my blog wearing fashionable clothes, but someone I know took this great picture of me wearing a plaid dress by Israeli designer Anat Mikulinkski and I just had to show it–well–because the dress is fabulous!


I was lucky enough to find a really casual, but fun dress in a really of-the-moment trend that fit me well because it highlighted me in all the right places. The dress is perfect because it showcases my top half, then gathers in the middle at the waist, but becomes forgiving at the midsection. As they say, always show off your best features. With an hourglass figure like mine, it’s nice that it’s a bit sexy because it’s cut low, and tight on top, yet drapes out midway which helps me hide the pooch I’m not so proud of.

Easy to throw on with leggings, play up with accessories at the color, or wear alone because it speaks for itself.

The dress wasn’t exactly cheap, but it’s trendy and flattering and it works. I’m so glad I bought and I’ve received many compliments

As far as I know, Anat Mikulinski only has a few shops, including ones in Tel Aviv’s  Ramat Aviv mall and  on Dizengoff St. but I really think she should go international–at least online, as Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock has done.  Her clothes are really playful with lots of prints,  flowing empire-waist cuts, and trends like bright neon and patterned leggings.

Recently, I spent a little too much on plastic jellies shaped as gladiator sandals, but they’ve lasted me at least two years.  Her clothes may be over priced and sugary sweet, but they last!

Spread the word!

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More Israeli Then I Thought?

Ok, so her outfit is Marchesa and not some no-name Israeli designer, but my favorite model (yes, that’s dripping with sarcasm) Bar Refaeli is looking more Israeli then we thought at the Young Hot Hollywood Awards a few days ago.

And what exactly do I mean by that? Well, there’s something about Israeli style to me that means more fluff, more ruffles, and much brighter neon.  It’s a standout approach that’s not at all demure and the dress. The dress and shoes are both pronounced and not matching at all.

It’s a bit more Euro, but with a Middle Eastern flair. And definitely not conservative. It’s like an Israeli trying to be American and failing–badly. Which is exactly what she’s doing.

I still don’t like it–there’s a flower blooming out of the fuscia, she’s wearing ugly purple peep toes, and somehow she went overboard on the tanning  and she still has that plain face. But I don’t like Bar to begin with.  And that’s ok.

She won the Crossover Award.  Crossover from what–from Israel to America??

Sources: Just Jared, Ynet

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Tel Aviv Hipster Style

Just had to add this pic in…

With a bit of an introduction to my favorite Israeli fashion site ILook

This may just be  the epitome of Israeli street hipster style (check out the flat oxfords and oversized, chunky shades) but don’t think everyone in Israel dresses this way! You’ll find many of the girls in tight bustiers, high waist skirts with tutucked in ribbed tanks, flowy print dresses with a cardigan, and too-tight tees. And don’t get me started on those girls that decide to “match” ugly brown boots to their black and white tunics! Yuck!

Maybe she didn’t get all the clothes from Israel…but I think she pulls together the look with a Tel Avivian air.

This girl, however, is very stylish. Like something out of the East Village in New York City.

ILook, created by 26-year-old Nimrod Avigal, is one of Israel’s most popular street fashion blogs and it will only go up from here.

More on that blog later…

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Unfortunately, Israelis Do Dress Like This At Weddings

Yes, Israelis are known for being ultra-casual.  But do they have to wear jeans and short skirts at weddings?

Apparently, they do and they will.  It’s not uncommon to see an overdone bride and then her best friend by her side in a sequined mini that just doesn’t look approriate.  Or a childhood friend who shows up in jeans and a striped sweatshirt–her dressy outfit for the occasion.

Thus it was so at the Keren Peles/Tomer Grentzel wedding where celebs ran amuck but in outfits that were too dressed down.

First, a little back story.  Keren Peles is a singer/songwriter living in Tel Aviv with hits such as רצה הביתה Running Home and my favorite: פז’ו 92

She’s written songs for tons of big Israeli music stars, some of which attended her wedding.  She played keyboard well and had a beautiful voice.  But yes, I noticed she was slightly overweight.  Not a big deal.

This summer, upon seeing her live at Kikar Rabin and on tv on the Israel Music Channel 24, we all noticed she lost weight and I wanted to know why and how (you know for my own self-purposes.)  That’s when I found out it all had to do with a man and a plan.

It’s quite a funny story actually. Keren Peles goes to meet journalist at his home for an interview.  Keren Peles knocks on the wrong door.  Keren Peles greets a man with beautiful blue eyes.  Keren Peles falls in love.  Keren Peles asks the journalist at the right house for the phone number of the man with the beautiful blue eyes.  Keren Peles takes the initiative.  And the rest, they say, is history.

Keren Peles and Tomer Grencel were married just a few days ago and as I mentioned, many of Israel’s biggest music stars came to support the dazzling duo–including Ninet Tayeb, Gidi Gov, Miri Mesika, Muki and Amir Fay Gutman.

And while the ceremony was probably beautiful, the fashion sense apparently wasn’t.

First, let’s take a look at Ninet Tayeb…who chose to wear nude peep toe sandals with a silver horizontally-ribbed dress.

WTF was she thinking?! She looks like she’s going to a strip club, not the wedding of a good friend.  Mind you, I already dislike the fact that she chopped her beautiful locks off but what can you do? Utterly atrocious.

Miri Mesika doesn’t have a size 2 waist and that’s ok.  She’s beautiful and exotic looking.  But what the hell is going on with this neckline? It’s sort of all over the place. If she was at the Oscars, I think the Fashion Police would have to knock her down.

Here’s Yael Doani. Talk about casual! I really don’t want my friends to look like this at my future wedding. I just don’t. It’s not like the ceremony was held at the beach right?

And yes, the men mostly wore button down shirts and black dress pants. You’ll never catch them in tie and it’s ok cause that’s just Israel.  And then there was the hot mess that was Gidi Gov.

He looked like he threw this on then ran out the door.

Well, ok so the guests aren’t exactly fashion winners but what about the bride and groom? Sophisticated, stylish, and chic, right? WRONG!

I’m not sure who or what gave Keren Peles the idea to wear this hot little number.  Kudos to her for losing weight, but this is  not a wedding dress. I’m not really sure what it is, but it’s really short and it’s really blah. The empire waist look with the pattern sort of hangs off her, making her look–shall I say it–EEK—preggers!!!

And I’m pretty sure that’s not what she was going for.

Overall, a big fashion no no.

Sources: Ynet, Walla Fashion

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Israeli Fashionistas, Take Note

The Israeil fashionistas I’ve seen have the leggings and ruffles look down pat…

I’ve seen them don neon with a vengeance, cut their boy shorts, and wear square heels when  everyone else is wearing 5-inch stilleto pumps.

But here are some of the items I wish they would get their hands on…based on the ultra-chic style of 21-year old Los Angeles style blogger  Taghrid Chaban.

The Boyfriend Blazer

One thing I’ve never understood is why Israelis don’t wear suits.

Well, they do wear suits on occasion, but they are quite dressed down compared to American and European standards.

It’s not uncommon to see Israelis here wear short-sleeved blazers, wrinkled trousers, or flip flops to a dinner party.  You will very rarely see an Israeli in a three-piece suit or a tie.

The story goes that because Israel was mostly desert and because the first Jews that came here were trying to get away from the hard-nosed, Eastern European scene of the Austrian and German upper crust, it sort of became an unspoken rule that Israelis should dress for comfor, not for class.

In America, I wore fashionable print dresses, two-toned heels, and jackets galore.  In Israel, my bosses come to wear in Fox sweatshirts and mismatched shoes.

Talk about a lifestyle change!

And that’s why I bring up the point of the boyfriend blazer.  I love this look–it’s longer then the average cut jacket, yet still fitted to a woman’s body.   You can wear it with lean pinstripe pants to a dinner event or with a summery dress and stacked heels as Taghrid proves here.  Now if only Israelis would follow suit…

The High Waist Skirt and Print Top


This is my favorite Taghrid look and when I asked the stylish fashion blogger where she got the ensemble, she merely muttered, “Vintage.” Well, maybe I won’t be able to get a similar copy of the outfit but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I’d love to find something similar.

Israelis too, should think about playing up the high-waist look. It’s easy, fun, and chic, all at the same time.  I’ve seen lots of American Apparel disco shorts here, but the high-waist skirt look works just as well.  Let it hit right at the hip.

And make sure you pair that with a really bright patterned top; in this case, Taghrid’s t-shirt looks like it had its print painted on and the v-neck of the collar is utterly originally and adds a statement  oomph.  It also pops against the stark black of the bottom.

Trade in those disco shorts for trendy print tops and high-waist skirts.


Here’s a new twist on plaid–wearing it as a skirt.  First, Israeli girls must learn that wearing this trend doesn’t mean you’re going to be considered a bulky lumberjack.

I have seen a few girls wearing it tucked into their high-waist jeans and I must say it’s coming in nicely.  Slowly, but nicely.

They play it up in that Euro way. Much more chic than the Americans, I believe.

The other day, I bought a very cool gray and green and blue plaid dress from Anna Mikulinsky (ענת מיקולינסקי) on Dizengoff. It was nipped at the waist in such a way that it flattered me in every way.  Consider starting your plaid with this trendy designer–she also has one in red and black.

Black & White Menswear

It’s true–I have definitely noticed that the shops in Tel Aviv are more Eurochic menswear then say, the USA’s Banana Republic or even Kenneth Cole.  Look at Castro, for example, who’s items abound with skinny red belts, puff sleeve blazers, and pinstriped dresses.

I wish more girls in Israel would be able to pull this look off–without looking like they’re 1) trying too hard or 2) not trying hard enough.

I’d definitely love to see more vests, more cap sleeves, more wide-leg trousers, more pencil skirts–there’s a way to do it so its beautiful, but still be Israeli casual.

Again, I wish Israelis would dress up more–if not for themselves on the street then to dinner parties, clubs, weddings, and business meetings.

Take note on Taghrid.  The tissue paper thin tank and harem pants are the kind of thing I see on the streets all the time. But that Erin Fetherston bow belt from her Target collection just ties it all together and gives it that menswear flair–without being over-the-top.

Sources: Taghrid.cc, Glamour.com, Teen Vogue

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Did You Know? It’s Cool To Be Jewish!

And it’s cool to wear Jewish jewelry!

Much like the cross for Christians, the Jewish Star of David symbol is the key charm to front on your neck!

Just ask Israeli rapper Subliminal!

I recently wrote a piece on this “It” Accessory for my good friend Monica Rozenfeld and her incredible sexy, unconventional Jewish blog, The Jew Spot. It was then republished on Jewcy.

I interviewed Jewish Rosaries designer Carlen Altman who is showing the world we too can show our Jew pride on our chest!

Model Agyness Deyn is a fan of her hip jewelry label.

Read my interview to find how what makes Magen Davids just that cool…

And what makes Carlen Altman so hip too!

Carlen: Image Credit

Subliminal: Image Credit

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Why I Dislike Bar Refaeli

It takes a lot for me to not like someone.  A lot.

Bar Refaeli is the new face of clothing company Hurley…and she really makes me want to hurl! Cute little farm girl who came from nothing to make it big in Hollywood overnight? Hardly!

I really don’t know how she got to where she is but she was lucky enough to date Leonardo DiCaprio and score a few Sports Illustrated magazine covers perhaps because of him.

Of course, that’s not why I don’t like her.  Not even close.

What I dislike most about this model maven is that she has a center of attention hogging stage mom for a mommy, she speaks arrogantly about herself  in interviews, and she’s the kind of girl who would trash talk Israel to French mags one minute, hardly mention her homeland to the US, and then do an infomercial for the Kinneret on local Israeli cable the next, along with other Israeli celebs who seem proud of their country and probably DID do the army–unlike her.

I had a friend who knew her when she was a high school brat in Holon and he said that she was pretty, but had a really plain face.  Still does. Really, Moran Atias is so much more gorgeous.  I think she just got lucky.

Here are some other reasons I dislike her:

You must have seen her on the cover of men’s magazine Esquire with pen-marks all over her.  I’ll admit, the concept was cool.  But what she said wasn’t.

On having part of a Stephen King story written on her body for the cover: “I haven’t seen anything like that ever. So I wanted to be the girl who did it.”

Hmm, sounds like she wants to be known for being different. Except that she looks just like everybody else.

On her childhood on the Israeli coast: “I walked along dirt roads and picked oranges and played with dogs and rabbits and chickens and horses.”

Walked on dirt roads and picked oranges? Aren’t you from Hod HaSharon? Are you trying to play the rags-to-riches girl?

Ugh, just read the article. You’ll see what I mean.

Remember when she got the Sports Illustrated cover and spoke about her grandmother?

What will your grandparents say about your sexy photo spread?
Refaeli: They are so proud! My grandma says she walks down the street and people ask her, ‘Are you Bar Refaeli’s grandmother?’ I’m like, dude – I mean, you’re very beautiful, but we don’t really look alike! We have 60 years between us. She’s so proud. She keeps every single article on me.

Grandmothers are supposed to be respected, Bar. Looked up to.  They have life experience. You’re supposed to look up to her.  You should always compliment them.  “I’m like, dude –I mean you’re very beautiful, but we don’t really look alike” ? What is that?

Now, the perfect little black bikini that Bar has created for Hurley.

“For years I’ve searched for a classic, sexy black bikini with just the right cut. I’ve tried a lot of bikinis, and never been able to find the perfect one – until now.” –Bar Refaeli

Hmm, that’s great for you, Bar. Really great. But how small is that thing? Are you sure the average big-breasted, size 10 girl could pull it off? Are you really sure?

This article from the Jewish daily newspaper Forward sums it up perfectly.

Perhaps best known outside Israel for dating Leonardo DiCaprio, Refaeli has proved a controversial figure at home. The Hod Hasharon native responded angrily in the international media after she and DiCaprio were hounded by the Israeli press during a trip to the country in 2007. And she generated widespread anger a year ago by telling the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that she didn’t “regret not enlisting” in the military, because the decision “paid off big time” as she developed her modeling career.

Now she’s trying to make amends.  Well, good for her, I guess. But we all know how she really is. She wants to be an American supermodel.

Frgdr.com may have said it best in a slew of posts on the girl and what she’s done wrong.

Read up!

Bar Refaeli-A Crotch Retrospective

The infamous Kinneret ad

Best Chauvanistic Israeli Ad

She skipped out on mandatory military service in Israel to do her mandatory modeling thing. How proud of Israel can she be?

One Israeli general even called on Holy Land inhabitants to boycott the products she promotes. That’s the spirit!

Here’s the kicker.  Quotes on what started it all–how the traitor called Israel’s mandatory service and basically living in Israel–the country that I gave up my good-paying jobin America to live in–is a waste of time.

The Jewish Journal-Bar Refaeli to Ditch Israel

A bio on Bar from MTV’s House of Style says she volunteers for the Israeli animal lovers association, Ahava, which has been caring  for hundreds of pets abandoned in the Northern Israel during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict. Hmm, I’d like to meet the person who can tell me she’s actually done that.

Israelity, Israel 21c’s postive Israeli news blog, has some humorous critiques on the supermodel starlet.

Should We Lower The Bar (Refaeli) Already?

I think we need to start focusing on another rising Israeli startlet–the less talked about, seemingly nicer Esti Ginzburg.

Or Moran Atias, please!

But why the plain-faced girl who dated Leo and points her hands to her crotch in ever photo?

I may be taking this too personally but enough with the Bar. I hope she stumbles on the runway.

Sources: JustJared, Hurley, People Stylewatch, Israelity

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Oh My My My! Madonna Mayhem

Say it ain’t so! The Israeli papes are reporting that Madonna will be performing in the Holy Land for the last stop of her Sticky & Sweet tour!

She’ll be in Tel Aviv, loves!

Wonder if she’ll be wearing a get-up like this! 🙂



Well, NY’s already been done, guess you can only go up from here!

JPost reports tickets go on sale Wednesday at 5pm for a whopping 490nis a pop! And that’s just to start!

One of the world’s best known DJs, Paul Oakenfeld, will make an appearence, too. And Mad’s producers are hoping some Israeli musicians will join in on the fun.

Is that Sarit Hadad warbling “Ani Lo Madonna?” Anyone? Anyone?

This is Madonna’s first time performing in Israel since her Girlie Show World Tour in 1993, though she’s visited quite a bit.

The show will surely sell out and Madge will surely be a spectacle.

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