Black and White Is Here To Stay

Zara blouse and skirt

And here I thought neon and bright colors were fashion winners…

Well, they still are, but a new article in Bamoda, an Israeli fashion news  website, says the black and white “trend” has the true staying power.

Showcasing everything from polka-dots to pencil skirts, black piping to blazers, Bamoda says “Life may not be black and white, but your clothes can be!”  Variations of the same black dress, white ruffles abound, boyfriend blazers take the cake, and black and white oxfords are this Fall’s hottest item.

They go on to talk of the bright patterns and neon of the past summer and how while that’s all well and good, black and white is really the stellar look that’s bringing us into fall (and every season for that matter.)

Finally, those Israelis have got classic fashion right!

Source: Bamoda


Lady Gaga in Tel Aviv

Looks like Tel Aviv is becoming the new hotspot for the biggest blowout concerts. In the past 2 months both Lady Gaga and Madonna herself made stops in the cosmopolitan capital of the country, Tel Aviv.

Let’s hope their clothes made as much of a statement as they did!

Lady Gaga may have brought with her a whole slew of fashion faux-pas, but she has come and gone-and I’m sure the religious groups are glad for that!!

The girl who said she would deliberately dress more appropriately in the Holy Land left her usual flair at home for a press conference upon her arrival and a visit to the Western Wall (we’ll let the big cross chain slide), but she certainly didn’t hold back in her Tel Aviv concert last Wednesday and Thursday.

And the cartoonish fashion didn’t hold back either.  See what I mean.

We like the orgami, architectual feel of this attire!

Among other things, she donned a Star of David jacket upon her arrival and faked an orgasm in her concert onstage!


Shine On!

If you live in Israel, then you’ve probably seen this Twiggy dress

I saw it today in Anat Mikulinksy’s store. Looks like the fashion designer bought it for her mini boutique on Dizengoff St.

And it’s been getting major play on indie websites like Sense of Fashion and of course, the infamous Israeli T-Market.

The dress was created by one Shira Keydar, the genius behind ShuShine, a fab Israeli brand that’s gotta be big.

It’s part of her Summer 2009 collection Hippy Happy 60’s Mode …

I’m liking this collection.  It’s sort of punky street with a 60s twist. Check out this fab Pandora halter and  a rockin’ Robot tee.

Looks like I can get my hands on ShuShine sooner then I think.  Shira’s having a special Ladies Night Shushine evening sale this Thursday 7/2/09 from 4-11 on a lovely rooftop in Tel Aviv.  All of ShuShine summer 09 collection
and some accessories collected specially for the event will be on sale.  Champagne and watermelon, too.

Shira readily makes herself available too all.  Simply give her a call at 052-509-0667 for more info.

And get your hands on that Twiggy frock before I snap it up!

Source: Sense of Fashion, T-Market

Photos: Boaz Lavi

Maya Bouskilla Foils The Technicolor Dream

I know singers are known for their vocal statements  and not for their fashion statements, but I thought Israeli pop singer Maya Bouskilla dressed pretty well on the set of Big Brother VIP.  So what happened here at friend and fellow Big Brother participant Koki Mordechai’s 37th birthday bash?

She looks like Rainbow Bright meets a Starburst.  We all know that neon brights are in, but wearing them this way just doesn’t cut it.  The dress sags up top and horizontal stripes are never the way to wear colors.  Don’t you realize you’ve already overdone it, Maya? Why the long dress?

The color blocking truly doesn’t work here and the fact that it’s a maxidress makes it worse.  If Maya knew she wanted to wear technicolor, she shouldn’t have worn one quite so prominent.

Please, Maya, next time take a cue from Michelle Monaghan in this lovely Peter Som minidress.  The pattern is pretty, the dress is short, and the look is divine. Elegantly propotioned with the proper shoes and the right shape.   Kudos Michelle!

Source: Ynet

Photos: Ynet,

Overpriced American Products in Tel Aviv

Why are imported clothes, shoes, and makeup in Israel so f$#@$$@ expensive?!  Take note.

When I see these urban chic studded sandals at the Nine West in Dizengoff Center, I totally wanted a pair! Then, I saw the price! A whopping 799nis! That’s about $200!

They just went on sale in America and on the Nine West store online for a cool $99!

American Apparel in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is one of the highlights if you want American-style clothes.  And why not? After all, the founder of American Apparel is half-Israeli.

But of course, with custom import clothing comes custom import products. I just bought this $30 American Apparel Melange Jersey pocket skirt from the store in center TA. It cost me 170nis ($42)

And finally, make up! By far the most expensive import from America for women…at least in my opinion.  I opted to buy the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse from the local SuperPharm because I desperately needed foundation and wasn’t getting any from the US anytime soon.

I paid almost 200nis ($50) for this stuff! At home, it’s a measley $10 at the local drugstore…

If they had Sephora here, I wonder how much that would cost!!

The Anat Mikulinski Dress

Now I’m not usually one of those style bloggers who likes to put pictures of myself on my blog wearing fashionable clothes, but someone I know took this great picture of me wearing a plaid dress by Israeli designer Anat Mikulinkski and I just had to show it–well–because the dress is fabulous!


I was lucky enough to find a really casual, but fun dress in a really of-the-moment trend that fit me well because it highlighted me in all the right places. The dress is perfect because it showcases my top half, then gathers in the middle at the waist, but becomes forgiving at the midsection. As they say, always show off your best features. With an hourglass figure like mine, it’s nice that it’s a bit sexy because it’s cut low, and tight on top, yet drapes out midway which helps me hide the pooch I’m not so proud of.

Easy to throw on with leggings, play up with accessories at the color, or wear alone because it speaks for itself.

The dress wasn’t exactly cheap, but it’s trendy and flattering and it works. I’m so glad I bought and I’ve received many compliments

As far as I know, Anat Mikulinski only has a few shops, including ones in Tel Aviv’s  Ramat Aviv mall and  on Dizengoff St. but I really think she should go international–at least online, as Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock has done.  Her clothes are really playful with lots of prints,  flowing empire-waist cuts, and trends like bright neon and patterned leggings.

Recently, I spent a little too much on plastic jellies shaped as gladiator sandals, but they’ve lasted me at least two years.  Her clothes may be over priced and sugary sweet, but they last!

Spread the word!

More Israeli Then I Thought?

Ok, so her outfit is Marchesa and not some no-name Israeli designer, but my favorite model (yes, that’s dripping with sarcasm) Bar Refaeli is looking more Israeli then we thought at the Young Hot Hollywood Awards a few days ago.

And what exactly do I mean by that? Well, there’s something about Israeli style to me that means more fluff, more ruffles, and much brighter neon.  It’s a standout approach that’s not at all demure and the dress. The dress and shoes are both pronounced and not matching at all.

It’s a bit more Euro, but with a Middle Eastern flair. And definitely not conservative. It’s like an Israeli trying to be American and failing–badly. Which is exactly what she’s doing.

I still don’t like it–there’s a flower blooming out of the fuscia, she’s wearing ugly purple peep toes, and somehow she went overboard on the tanning  and she still has that plain face. But I don’t like Bar to begin with.  And that’s ok.

She won the Crossover Award.  Crossover from what–from Israel to America??

Sources: Just Jared, Ynet