Fashion and Art +

Fashion is art, right?

Think Lady Gaga’s over-the-top attire, Rihanna’s structured military chic, and any model on the runway who has showcased a particular designer’s clothing regardless of the way it goes completely against her own personal style.

Fashion isn’t only about showcasing your personality (though that’s an important aspect of it.) It’s also about showcasing something creative and visually stimulating to the eye.  As much as you’re wearing your clothes for yourself, what fashionista doesn’t want to get noticed?

Obviously, fashion is not limited to cool clothes, funky jewelry, and the best bags and shoes.  The style of a particular setting can also be fashionably appealing and visually stimulating to the eye in the same way. Otherwise why else people everywhere go out of their way to decorate their home in ultra-glamorous home decor?

Tel Aviv, structured in various white Bauhaus-style building is quite the stimulating city.  But I never thought a hotel in this cosmopolitan could be quite the same.

Call it a boutique hotel.  Call it a cultural art mecca in the middle of the city.   The  Art + Hotel on Ben Yehuda St. is a definite work of modern art.
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The Streetswalker: Israel’s Leading Street Fashion Photographer

I’m done talking about H&M for now (even though it just opened up in Jerusalem today!)

There is much cooler Israeli fashion news on the horizon.

Photograph of a girl in Jerusalem posted on The Streetswalker

The Streetswalker blogger Yael Sloma is just about everywhere these days! In case you don’t know who she is, Yael is one of the most popular Israeli fashion bloggers in town, known for taking stellar street fashion photos of people she catches in amazing styles while out and about.  Get this–Yael is only 23 years old! I think she’s right up there with StreetPeeper Phil and the Facehunter.
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