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Gertrude: What I Want For The New Year

It’s December 31st, 5pm. It’s almost time to hit up the parties for New Year’s Eve.

Campari Dress From Gertrud – Fall/Winter 2012-2013

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Bryanboy And World Famous Fashion Bloggers Coming to Israel This Week! TLVStyle Tour on The Agenda

If you thought Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli’s visit to Israel was big, you ain’t see nothin’ yet!

It’s official! Five world famous fashion bloggers are coming to Israel and they’re creating a fashion storm!
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Top Israeli Trends For Summer 2012

There’s a few things Israelis are known for when it comes to fashion.

Taking risks.  Showing skin.  Pairing unique combinations.  Using color.

Yulia Plotkin

Summer is a great time  for them to do all of these things.  And since the Spring/Summer is about 9 months out of the year…they usually get that chance.

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Six Fashion Questions with…Yaara Keydar

Want to know everything about fashion? Just ask Yaara Keydar, who seems to do it all when it comes to styling, designing, and writing about the craft.

Yaara Keydar

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How Israeli History Affects Israeli Fashion

Author: Angel Cutsforth

Keeping up with the Israeli history theme, here’s a great post with good timing from my good friend Angel Cutsforth, vintage expert and blogger for Modern Vintage Girl. Let’s hear her opinion on clothes in Israel’s past.

I was talking to a friend about Israeli buyers for international brands and in particular Mango. She had just returned from a trip in Europe and was shocked at how the Mango in Israel didn’t stock the items that had a 1950’s or earlier inspiration point. Last winter while the catwalks where swarming with 1940’s influences, Israeli buyers and designers decided to take the 1980’s take on the 1940’s as their reference point. This season it seems that the 1970’s boho vibe is being taken instead of the 1950’s full sweater girl look.

After reading about world fashion history a bit more and looking at how different aspects of our world affect fashion, I have to say that I think that there is a social reason for the difference in choices for Israeli buyers. Until the mid 1960’s there was no sure sense of stability. The people of Israel had been refugees working the land building a country or soldiers. After the mid 1960’s the Israeli population expanded and the country started having it’s own cultural and socio-political reference points.
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Israeli Blog Buzz: 2 Fashion Blogs You Should Be Following

Whether I’ve mentioned them before or not, I wanted to give these two fashion blogs special mention here because I think they’re run by two great Israeli girls who I wish I knew better, but who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to fashion–Israeli or not.


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Fashion Spot On The Radio

I’m proud to announce a new spot I’m doing for a Jewish radio station named ChaiFM out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Their mission is to bring forth more of the positive aspects of Israel by focusing on the culture and people rather then the violence, politics, and terrorism.
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