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Florals in Wonderland

Spring is blooming!

While the weather changes from hot to cold every other day, I have been noticing with fervor that me that flowers are currently everywhere in Tel Aviv…and not just in the pots!

Floral patterns aren’t anything new but suddenly they’re on all the dresses, blouses, shirts, and yes, even the pants and tights!

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Mirit Weinstock’s Necklaces

I’m quite eagerly anticipating the coming sale this Friday of one of my favorite designers Mirit Weinstock.

I’ve been wanting to splurge on one of her beautifully refined necklaces for months now, after seeing it worn on Sense of Fashion founder Daria Shualy in a photo from her site.

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Israelis Taking Over New York Fashion Week Part 3

Ok, so I’ve mentioned making an Israeli-American fashion connection when the head of Second City Style, Lauren Dimet Waters wore a dress created by Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock, based on seeing her clothes after a post I did about her for the blog. I’ve mentioned Jerusalem-born Elie Tahari‘s first fashion show at New York Fashion Week.  I’ve mentioned NYFW mainstay Yigal Azrouel consistently wowing us with his unique draping techniques and feminine designs for the past ten years at New York Fashion Week (as he did last month during the shows.)

Now, let’s talk about Israeli-born Miri-Ben Ari, a beautiful violinist who often plays during top designer Zac Posen’s collection showings and played this year, too.
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Israelis Are Taking Over New York Fashion Week Part 2

For Mirit Weinstock, having a fashion blogger somebody wear her dress and feather necklace to the shows at New York Fashion Week was a big deal. But other Israelis also had their moments at this week long fashion mega-event.

Elie Tahari’s First Runway Show at NYFW

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100th Post! Israelis Are Taking Over New York Fashion Week…

Well, not exactly.

But they have popped up all over the New York shows in a variety of different ways.

In honor of my 100th post, I’d like to do a combination of posts.  It was originally supposed to be only one but since it’s way too much for one page (and blog readers don’t have attention spans these days) I’d like to separate it into a few.  I’d like to show you all how Israelis made an impact in the US at this season’s Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week for Fall’10.
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Mirit Weinstock’s New Collection Out in Just Two Weeks!

My post on Mirit Weinstock is finally out! After a rendezvous at her studio in Tel Aviv-Yafo, I wrote about my visit with Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock for American fashion blog Second City Style! I’m really happy with the post and you’ll be happy to know that Mirit has her newest collection for Spring/Summer coming out  Israel and America (LA, NY, Virginia, and Florida) in just two weeks!
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MissMi: Just a Taste

I had a lovely meetup with Israeli fashion designer Mirit Weinstock today. While I can give you a sneak peek in my blog, you’ll only get full coverage of her studio and her latest collection by heading over to the fashion Second City Style in the next coming days.
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Israeli Fashion Inspiration: 2009 Year in Review

Lady Gaga, Mirit Weinstock, Efrat Gosh, Cafe Bizarre, FashionPea, and The Streetswalker all in the same place? You bet! (Well, besides in this blog of course!)

Check out my Top Ten Israeli Fashion Inspirations from 2009 at IGoogled, with some honorable mentions thrown in for good measure.

We can’t wait to see what these fashionistas have in store for 2010!

Photos: Mirit Weinstock, Stationjames.com

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“Style Only Makes Sense When It’s Your Own”

Mirit Weinstock,
Israeli Fashion Designer


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