Fashion Air: Frau Blau Launches Fashion Show on a Plane


If you haven’t heard of them yet…you may very well soon. Designer duo Frau Blau are pushing the boundaries of Israeli fashion.

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Yohji Yamamoto and Holon Fashion Week 2012

This year, the 2nd annual Holon Fashion Week at the Holon Design Museum has taken an entirely different direction, seamlessly blending more architecture with fashion, which doesn’t fail to make it all the more enlightening.

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Made By Lilamist

Remember when I was in love with that white textured mini dress from the Lilamist collection? I named it one of my 2010 Israeli Fashion Obsessions.  Well, in fact, I’ve become enamored with the entire Lilamist line.  Lilach Elgrabi and her team has created a slew of silky, satin, and ruffled numbers that target the feminine beauty who wants to be dressed up and comfortable at the same time in trendy textures and patterns.
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What Does Israeli Fashion Mean To You?

As you’ve all noticed, I’ve been extremely, extremely busy these past two months. Between writing fashion and lifestyle articles for Time Out Israel (English Edition), working on new online projects with Fashion TV, the mega international fashion broadcasting channel which has a branch in Israel, and doing a slew of other mini freelance projects, things have been quite crazy around here!!

Did I mention that I also have a full time job and I’m moving this week? Yea, that.

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What Fashion Trends Could Americans Take From Israelis?

In my last post on what fashion trends could Israelis take from Americans, I wrote that I usually see trends happen in Israel first.  Well, this is usually true when it comes to Euro fashion.  However, as you noticed in my last post I wrote about what Israelis could learn from Americans. Well, there are quite a number of fashion trends and tips that Americans could and should take from Israelis, who look to Euro fashion capitals like Paris and Milan for inspiration more so than their US ally.

Graduates Exhibition: Bezalel Fashion Department in Jerusalem

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