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NN5’s Philip Treacy Event

This has been the craziest month in the “history” of my short aliyah  (3 years on December 27!)  in Israel.  Amidst trying to get my Israeli drivers license, other freelance work, and my brother’s two week visit (happening now!) I went to a couple of worthwhile Israeli fashion events, one of which I am writing about now!

A friend who works at the British embassy invited me to a fashion event created to promote a hot little boutique on Tchernikovsy and their new collection of hats from British haute couture hat designer Philip Treacy.
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The Fashionable Israeli Wedding

I’m a big fan of the Israeli wedding experience, but as much as I love the music and the mayhem, I’m not a fan of the fact that you can’t get dolled up for it–even if its not your own occasion.

Wedding of Tarin

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Mirit Weinstock Fall/Winter Collection 2010

I’ve written much about Israeli designer Mirit Weinstock countless times in the past, because I really believe she’s going places!

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How Israeli History Affects Israeli Fashion

Author: Angel Cutsforth

Keeping up with the Israeli history theme, here’s a great post with good timing from my good friend Angel Cutsforth, vintage expert and blogger for Modern Vintage Girl. Let’s hear her opinion on clothes in Israel’s past.

I was talking to a friend about Israeli buyers for international brands and in particular Mango. She had just returned from a trip in Europe and was shocked at how the Mango in Israel didn’t stock the items that had a 1950’s or earlier inspiration point. Last winter while the catwalks where swarming with 1940’s influences, Israeli buyers and designers decided to take the 1980’s take on the 1940’s as their reference point. This season it seems that the 1970’s boho vibe is being taken instead of the 1950’s full sweater girl look.

After reading about world fashion history a bit more and looking at how different aspects of our world affect fashion, I have to say that I think that there is a social reason for the difference in choices for Israeli buyers. Until the mid 1960’s there was no sure sense of stability. The people of Israel had been refugees working the land building a country or soldiers. After the mid 1960’s the Israeli population expanded and the country started having it’s own cultural and socio-political reference points.
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Jerusalem Post Article and Daily Outfit Post #8

Finally, a daily outfit post! It’s been so long since I’ve posted one because I just haven’t had time or energy to take pictures.  And of course, there are always those days where you feel like dressing like crap and don’t want to take pictures of yourself no matter how good you look.

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Budget Fashion Rules!

Budget fashion reigns  in Tel Aviv! Fashionista extraordinaire Rony Cohen is having another clothing and accessories sale and once again, all pieces will be under 50nis ($10) Can you believe it? It doesn’t get any better than this!
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The Most Stylish Girls in Tel Aviv

Just a quick post because I have been so unbelievably busy lately (and the blog has suffered!)

These are two of the most stylish Israeli girls I know.
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I know what you’re thinking. This post is going to be all about a brand new website featuring the hottest and most popular Israeli models around. Right? WRONG!

Freshmeat is actually the very clever name of a brand new fashion website created by Shenkar College of Engineering and Design students in order to feature those Israeli indie fashion designers that need and deserve the recognition of the Israeli community for their perseverance and rising talent. Thought you knew all the indie designers in Israel? You don’t! After perusing the cool site, and talking to one of its creators, a Shenkar student named Gal, I learned Freshmeat allows each of its designers to include a profile as well as his or her own e-boutique to sell his wares.
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Feast Your Eyes On This!

Last week, I met with a friend who told me about the amazing outfit she was wearing. Ripped acid-wash jeans, an asymmetrically cut black tee layered over pink and strappy blue sandals.  Each piece was less than 30nis.

I wondered if I could ever be so stylish for so cheap. Now I can!

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Daily Outfit Post #7

Green shirt: Forever 21, Black necklace: Diva by Castro, Flower Blouse: Vintage, Leggings: Zara, Shoes: Shani Bar

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