Israeli Style Set at Gindi Fashion Week Launch Party

Gindi TLV Fashion Week – the second Tel Aviv Fashion Week of this season – happens from December 16 to December 19.

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Plus-Size Women in Tel Aviv

Perhaps you’ve heard the horror stories of trying to find clothes in Israel that were above a size 3 or 4 (L and XL) Many of the stores only go up to a size 2. Or you’ve heard the story of the girl who went on the hunt for a pair of jeans and had horrible luck because most of them, while completely fashionable, were too tight and stopped at the hips. Or the budget clothes on Allenby or elsewhere that ripped after one wear because they just couldn’t cut it at the breast area.

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An English Girl in Israeli H&M

Author: Angel Cutsforth
Angel’s Style Scrapbook

I knew the minute I saw that it was 9:20am and I was about to reach Azrieli shopping mall that I was going to try to go to the new H&M. I had an hour before I had to be at work and well, what else was I going to do for about 45 minutes?

In the UK, I used to love H&M. They had great basics, some classic tailoring at a fraction of the price of other places and they pretty much summed up my style, with a proper fit. Their statement pieces also used to catch my eye and really made me feel like I was buying something that was trendy but had staying power. I was worried looking at the Israeli H&M website that all they would bring would be the over trendy, the basics or even just the denim.
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Israeli Fashion Blog Buzz: Week of 2/10

Well, well, well the blog buzz is back! Unfortunately, with a move to a new apartment (which I am loving!) and a focus on other topics, the Fashion Buzz and Blog Buzz columns sort of got pushed to the wayside. But now they’re back and hopefully will start going up with some consistency. In the mean time, enjoy some of my favorite bloggers.

More and more Israeli fashion bloggers are cropping up in my corner each day. Besides the ones I’m featuring below, I’m also really into סיפורי בגדים (Stories of Clothes,) Nalula, Victoria’s Fashion Blog, and Lira Styling.
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Black and White Is Here To Stay

Zara blouse and skirt

And here I thought neon and bright colors were fashion winners…

Well, they still are, but a new article in Bamoda, an Israeli fashion news  website, says the black and white “trend” has the true staying power.

Showcasing everything from polka-dots to pencil skirts, black piping to blazers, Bamoda says “Life may not be black and white, but your clothes can be!”  Variations of the same black dress, white ruffles abound, boyfriend blazers take the cake, and black and white oxfords are this Fall’s hottest item.

They go on to talk of the bright patterns and neon of the past summer and how while that’s all well and good, black and white is really the stellar look that’s bringing us into fall (and every season for that matter.)

Finally, those Israelis have got classic fashion right!

Source: Bamoda